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Thread: Need Help - Vegan recipes

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    Junior Member GGquilts's Avatar
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    Mar 2010
    Up North Mi
    Sharon, A lot of Seventh Day Adventist are vegans, and they have cooking classes from time to time, you might want to check with them. Or google the Hope Chanel it is an Adventist Chanel. Sorry to hear what you must be going through, but you are smart to be taking care of it.

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    west allis, wisconsin
    just looking at the recipes section, never have before . . . hope things have gotten better for you. for something different once in a while, have you ever tried BOCA products before. they make a vegan burger and vegan crumbles. i use the crumbles in chili or taco-type dishes. "animal eaters" can not tell the difference - truly!!! also a company called GARDEIN makes vegan "chicken" products. they're not too bad. my favorite is not totally vegan but it is called QUORN. it is a protein made from a type of mushroom rather than the processed tofu. the quorn nuggets are really yummy with mashed potatoes and gravy! i'm not sure exactly how much dairy is in there, so don't know if you'd want to try them. the mainstream grocery stores sell them here now. otherwise you can get them at a specialty health food store. i don't know if you've been looking since you first posted, but the stores really have ALOT of choices now, at least here they do, surprisingly. even ice cream! i do make most all my own foods from scratch, but don't really use recipes, just make adjustments. like, use applesauce or any homemade fruit sauce in place of eggs, olive oil instead of butter, there are a variety of flours out there. soy flour makes baked goods more moist so i use some of that along with the whole wheat flour. my cakes and cookies are, um, kind of heavy but we like them!! i hope all is well with you, and i will keep positive thoughts sent your way. saw the movie FORKS OVER KNIVES, and i say that should be required viewing for everyone. peace, barb

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    Super Member ptquilts's Avatar
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    Jun 2010
    I have to second the Morningstar Farms Chik Patties, just had one for lunch, mmmmm...
    We eat a lot of veggie burgers, our local supermarket chain makes their own brand which is cheaper than the national brands.

    Good for you for eating healthy and best wishes for continuing cancer-free.

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    cleveland ohio
    I like eggplant stuff and if paired up right can take on a meat flavor. Raw Foods have a recipe for it among others. Glad to see your cancer free again.

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    Feb 2009
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    Hi there, I also am a cancer survivor! :thumbup:
    Since you already read the best book ever THE CHINA STUDY (besides the Bible) the only other book I can highly recommend is Eat To Live. After reading the China Study my DH and I are steady eddy in the Nutritarian way of eating since June 26 this year. We DO NOT eat ANY ANIMAL PRODUCTS period. My husband used to HUNT and Fish but no eating of meat, no wild salmon,no organic chicken (we gave it all away)no organic eggs, na da zip zero zilch! We feel great and I have lost 35 pounds since June 26th and DH has lost 30 pounds. My cholesterol went from 225 to 144. Everything is excellent! We went to a health getaway and had a test run on our corrotid artery (non invasive) and it showed my corrotid a tiny bit of blockage and my DH had almost complete blockage. He is exercising and now he is drinking my green smoothies. He just started so I make his with just a bit if kale, mine has lots of kale!
    Get back to the China Study, and save your life! PLEASE please do this. Also Dr Fuhrman has a great web site for you to check out.
    God bless you as you take care,

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