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Anael 06-17-2017 04:09 PM

More eye candy, thanks giquilt!! I love the bright colours and your background fabric. How many blocks did you do?

There are more ladies who didn't finish their Sylvia yet, maybe one or two will join you ;)

giquilt 06-28-2017 08:17 AM

I actually have never counted my blocks. Just made a paper list of your weeks. So when I think I'm through I might not be if I missed some. Each completed row is in a bag (A,B,C,....etc) and I think I have all 10 completed thru F. But as we have skipped around so much I don't know. At this point afraid to count might make me stop doing them. Thanks Aneal for still supporting those of us trying to finish.

Anael 06-28-2017 09:47 AM

LOL giquilt, I know that feeling.
When you're over 70 you won't stop! That means you're almost there ;)
Yes we skipped around a lot, because I tried to mix easy and harder blocks and for those who work(ed) with FQ's that way you will have the fabrics in all the rows - well, most rows :D

The Virtual weekend is coming soon so you'll have some more done! You'll get there. Look at your avatar, you did that one too and the Challenge quilt was way harder than the Sylvia with all those tiny 3" blocks!

giquilt 07-05-2017 10:04 AM

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Anael, you are the best leader keeping us encouraged even though you have long since finished!!!!!!!
[ATTACH=CONFIG]575912[/ATTACH]The 9 Sylvia blocks I completed in the last 5 days. Also worked on a few other projects during the Virtual Weekend sponsored by the this Q board. If I have a few more of these weekends might get 're done. I cut 7 blocks ahead and had them in baggies ready to sew. May try this again too. I will say these were some of the hardest blocks I've done. Especially the ones with curved pieces. I was actually excited to see an instruction with the word "Y-seam." Good luck to others still plugging away.

Anael 07-05-2017 10:18 AM

Awww thank you giquilt!!

You did so well with the curved piecing (and the other piecing too hahahaha)!! Did you ever think you would be excited to do Y-seams? :D :D :D Some blocks are nearly impossible to do, like the Peter/Paul one, I really hated that block. Maybe it's time for a group photo :D Would love to see all blocks together!

Anael 07-05-2017 10:57 AM

Giquilt, I went back and read a bit, in January you passed the half-way mark. So I guess you will have well over 100 blocks by now! Not too bad, isn't it?

giquilt 07-07-2017 08:40 PM

Originally Posted by Anael (Post 7858202)
Giquilt, I went back and read a bit, in January you passed the half-way mark. So I guess you will have well over 100 blocks by now! Not too bad, isn't it?

Ooh, that is nice to hear if I have over 100. Probably should do a group photo, could tell me if I have some missing colors. Will think about it.

Anael 07-07-2017 11:44 PM

Yeah, a group photo would be great!

DottyD 07-08-2017 01:11 AM

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Good morning to all from the UK.
I am so pleased to be able to tell you that I entered my SBS into the National Championships at Sandown here in the UK last month. I attained first place in the Sampler Quilt Category and was presented with a lovely silver colour salver plate and rosette.

Anael 07-08-2017 01:32 AM

Congrats Dotty! Very well deserved, your Sylvia is just stunning!!!

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