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Macybaby 04-12-2018 06:23 AM

Donna- your blocks are looking very nice. I love the way your fabric prints add so much to the block - something you don't get with batiks. Fussy cutting for blocks like this is so fun, and adds a bit of surpirse when you are looking at the finished quilt.

Teen 04-12-2018 07:39 AM

Thank you, ladies....Donna...I sat and stared at it too.....but I did it cuz I couldn't believe all the work in it. I tried to pick a favorite block and couldn't decide...then I tried to find my mistakes...lol.... Anael was right, you can't see them when all together. Your blocks are wonderful, as usual.

Macybaby....Good grief....you are off to tackle Dear Jane? I just don't have it in me right now to even think about doing another small block sampler. I saw one on the board...I think it was Kitsie on the thread "Dear Jane or Farmers Wife". She used one fabric on each block. I thought that was really cool and the quilt was stunning. Don't know if that is what the pattern called for but I liked that. And the border was amazing. Whatever you choose, it will be gorgeous. Good luck!

Teen 04-12-2018 08:01 AM

Oh..and thank you, Donna...the piano bench quilt was an experiment I did to practice curve borders and FMQ. Fun quick project...

Blue Bell 04-12-2018 09:30 AM

I was doing the Farmer's Wife when almost everyone on the Q. Board was making it. I only made 50 blocks, the easy ones. I still have the handle to put on the basket block and then I will be able to put it all together. How many years ago was that? So you can see why I am simply amazed at how quickly you have put 140 blocks together. Teen and Macybaby, love your quilts and Donnapea, you are well on your way to your masterpiece.

Teen 04-12-2018 12:37 PM

I really like the Farmer Wife sampler, Blue Bell. I'll look forward to seeing yours when completed. I don't know how many blocks are in it but 50 is a nice size quilt. As far as speed, I really sew slowly...I just didn't work on anything else except this project. It appeared fast but, really, 2 mos on one quilt is the longest I've ever worked on a quilt other than a BOM. And, I still have some work ahead of me so it will be a couple of months before binding is on. I want it done before I move this summer so I will stay on it to completion.

Anael 04-13-2018 07:40 AM

Weird, I don't get updates on this thread.

You can't go wrong with Sylvia, it's what you want it to be, like any other quilt. There are so many different ways to do Sylvia (or Jane for that matter)......it's all up to you.
My Jane is traditional, like the original Jane and also the Trip around the World colours.

Teen, I hear you.........I always say I don't do SITD, I do A(almost)SITD :D :D :D I really don't like it! Even with a walking foot the fabric is shifting, no matter what I do, how many pins I use or the direction I'm sewing. So.........instead of ASITD I like an all over FMQ. But you're right, Sylvia is huge and heavy once sandwiched.

DonnaPea, more great looking blocks!!! Keep them coming!

Teen 04-13-2018 11:43 AM

Anael....I PM'd you....

Anael 04-13-2018 11:55 AM

Got it, PM'd you back...........:D

sourceofjoy 04-13-2018 09:02 PM

Love your both of your quilts...
I just LOVE both of your Christmas SBS and dear Jane quilts. I'm a long time quilter who's just recently started up with this hobby and your blocks are inspiring.

Originally Posted by DottyD (Post 6464205)
Hi Anael,
This is a link to my SBS design wall - with which you can click on any block and it will enlarge it. Do let me know if it doesn't open !


My Dear Jane link is at the bottom of this reply ! I love these little blocks LOL.

Teen 04-14-2018 10:32 AM

Getting ready for my trip but I did cut out the border strips for SBS. The outer sashing is done so now it's just inner borders and applique border to go, which I will tackle upon my return. I have a plan for the binding, which should be really cool....tee hee!!

Anael 04-14-2018 10:42 AM

Now we can't wait for you to come back and reveal the borders and binding!!! Have a great trip Teen. You might have told us what you're going to do but I forgot......old age I guess ;)

Teen 04-14-2018 11:46 AM

Heading to Idaho where my future home is being built. It's a work trip to finish the bathroom and electrical work on my DH's huge workshop that was completed in January. DH wanted to do some of the work himself so that's what we'll be doing...but, of course,......LQS will see me often....lol!

Anael 04-14-2018 11:55 AM

Ahhhhhhh thanks! Have fun building your new home, that's exciting! In one month you can do lots of trips to the LQS. At least they need to know you will live there soon so they can restock accordingly :D :D :D

Macybaby 04-14-2018 12:06 PM

Teen- have a great trip and hope you get lots done.

Hope Idaho is having better weather. We just got over a foot of snow! That has not happened here in April for about 20 years.

Teen 04-14-2018 12:28 PM

Thank you, ladies! Pretty mild winter this year in Idaho. We expect 60's high and 40's low but we are preparing for whatever happens. They have stores so no biggie. We are RV'ing so if a huge snowstorm should occur, we'll hit a hotel. Lol! Plus we have friends there...

The LQS knows I'm coming!!! Lol!! Have met all the shops and many guild members and quilters in my valley. They can't wait for me to get there....so they say. My future neighbor several acres away wants to learn quilting. And my BFF is moving with us there too (thank the Lord)... She wants to learn, as well. Lots of plans...I'm far from an expert but we'll learn together.

Stay warm and safe, Macybaby...

Anael 04-14-2018 09:50 PM

The bad weather you're having is on the news here now.

DonnaPea 04-16-2018 05:33 AM

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Teen - Sounds like you have some exciting new adventures ahead of you. I'll be interested to read of the progress on your new home. I managed to get a few more blocks completed over the weekend, in addition to hitting some garage sales with my daughter & granddaughter. I appliqued Orange Peel - just seemed so much simpler that way.


Anael 04-16-2018 05:50 AM

Well done DonnaPea!!

Macybaby 04-16-2018 08:38 AM

oh Donna! I love that pineapple block!

Teen 04-16-2018 12:18 PM

Wonderful, Donna. Lots of purple and yellow.....and you know how much I love yellow. Gorgeous fabric, as usual. And, i applique'd my Orange Peal block, too. So much easier...

Judith1005 04-16-2018 12:45 PM

Teen, I hope you have a good trip. It already sounds like you have a lot planned out. Will you be able to check in from time to time?

Teen 04-16-2018 03:19 PM

Thank you, Judith. I hope to stay connected but likely won't be frequent. Lots going on but will surely check in. When I return home, I'll likely have some questions on your moving expertise, Judith. Hugs!

Judith1005 04-16-2018 04:50 PM

Originally Posted by Teen (Post 8041876)
Thank you, Judith. I hope to stay connected but likely won't be frequent. Lots going on but will surely check in. When I return home, I'll likely have some questions on your moving expertise, Judith. Hugs!

Sure, anytime.

Anael 04-17-2018 08:14 AM

I saw the neurologist today. My condition is called meralgia paresthetica, it's a damaged nerve in the lower abdomen. No treatment, only hope it will disappear one day. If not the body will get used to the damaged nerve, she told me. I'm glad it's nothing serious and at the same time sad nothing can be done to fix it.

Teen 04-17-2018 09:56 AM

Well, at least you have a diagnosis and it is nothing serious or hip related. I'm just sorry you have to live with the pain and limitations until it fixes itself. Did she share her theory on what caused this? Was it surgery related? I know when they replace a hip joint they twist your body and leg every which way when they install the new hip joint. They did mine, anyway. I remember my stomach muscles and leg muscles hurt following surgery. Never asked why cause I didn't want the mental image (lol) but they said pain was normal and would go,away, which it did.

Anael 04-17-2018 10:31 AM

It wasn't related to the hip surgery. It might have to do with the racing bike I bought 3 months ago.......LOL. After over 25 years of having to deal with wheelchairs and such, I was able to ride a bike again about 4 years ago. After the second hip replacement I purchased a racing bike........and that might have caused this. I still can ride my 'normal' bike though!!

Teen 04-17-2018 11:09 AM

I had no idea you suffered for so long, Anael. That's awful. I got back on a bike after my surgery, too. But not a racing bike. Lol! you go girl.......I was most happy when I could ride my Harley again.

Take care of yourself....

Anael 04-17-2018 11:26 AM

A Harley............oh wow, that's one of my dreams but never going to happen. Oh well, doesn't matter. I love riding my bike, even if it's not a racing bike. I gave away my car......hahaha! Didn't use it anymore so why keep it and pay insurance and taxes?

Macybaby 04-17-2018 02:43 PM

Bikes -wow! the closest I deal with bikes is when South Dakota gets overrun each year for the Sturgis rally. It's kind of neat because "rolling thunder" really does describe it. We live about 4 miles north of the interstate and during "biker week" you can hear a constant rumble of the traffic on the interstate.

I guess I must have fallen on my head or something - I bought the Dear Jane EQ software. My plan is to do as much applique as possible, using my Destiny for fancy stitches and such. I've been having fun learning the embroidery part and this will give me lots of practice.

Teen 04-17-2018 03:33 PM

About 7 years ago, I was one of those bikes that rumbled by..lol! I love that sound. I always rev the throttle when in a tunnel. Nothing like that sound...

be be sure to share your DJ...

Anael 04-17-2018 08:43 PM

It would have been worse if you've bought the Nearly Insane book Macebaby :D :D :D

My Jane is in the assembling stage.........I didn't make the triangles, only a few and I still haven't decided if I will make the rest of them or not.
Please show us your Jane once you've started!

Karen G 04-18-2018 07:38 AM

Teen, I love it! By limiting your fabrics you have made a lovely, cohesive quilt. The dark blue sashing is perfect. Your blocks have the diagonal components that keep the eye moving. I can't wait to see your finished quilt. I have about 70 blocks in a bin, they are my next UFO to be completed. It will be a great summer project to sew a block or two at a time. Boating will come first, though! Karen

Anael 04-18-2018 08:16 AM

Yes Karen, great plan! Please show uw your finished blocks!!!

Macybaby 04-18-2018 08:23 AM

Aneal, I think the 365 day challenge was enough insanity for me. So far that has been the most challenging for a pieced quilt, but then it had a lot of 3" blocks that had no business being that small. And a lot of the 6" blocks were four 3" blocks put together.

I think the worst block was the 12 crowns. It has 120 pieces in a 6" block.

I decided on the DJ specifically for the amount of applique it's got. I want to get proficient at Teen's method

Anael 04-18-2018 08:33 AM

It's a pity I finished the Jane blocks, otherwise I might have tried Teen's method.

I started a white/red Nearly Insane and after finishing about 30 blocks I decided I need another one with a yellow touch in every block so I started a second one. The blocks are 6" finished. The most insane one is the one with nearly 240 pieces........hahahaha.

Macybaby 04-18-2018 09:26 AM

Actually, that "nearly insane" sounds right up my ally. Once in a great while I do something with pieces larger than 2.5" and they always seem so large. I was going to buy the wing clipper tool, but it's about 5" x 10" and I thought that was way too large to be handy since I'd mostly use it for pieces under 4" wide (long measure). Thought about getting it and cutting it in half.

Anael 04-18-2018 10:03 AM

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I've never heard of a wing clipper tool. I change between really small pieces like Nearly Insane and larger ones. I'm also working on the OMG (Oh My Gosh) quilt, also small pieces. Only 2 different blocks, so very boooooooooooring :D That's why I need something else hahaha.

Here's the most insane block. Don't look too closely, most of the seams don't match but it's ok with me. Too small to bother!!!!! And once in the quilt.......:D

Anael 04-18-2018 10:10 AM

1 Attachment(s)
And here's the same block in white/red. The pieces are in a different way arranged so it looks totally different.

Macybaby 04-18-2018 12:31 PM

I did a version of the OMG quilt. I used my left over ombre fabric and it worked really well to get a lot of color with a handful of fabrics.

My husband said it looked like I was sewing confeti - notice the pile under the machine.


Shows my compulsiveness, I figured I needed 385 tiny 9 patches, so I made them all at the same time. I did some strip piecing to get the three block group which worked well with ombre, but did not use more than half WOF for them. I wanted lots of variety.

I think I did mine with 5" blocks.


I got sick of making them so did something large for the border.


This is another too many pieces quilt. It is one of BH's designs.


Macybaby 04-18-2018 12:47 PM

BTW Anael, you've convinced me I need to do the Nearly Insane Quilt. Maybe it's because I so love reds! And your red block is to die for!

This is why I work so hard to get a quilt done fast - because before I even start I've gotten excited about the next one!

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