Ants in the kitchen!

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Default Ants in the kitchen!

In 15 years, we've had ants in the kitchen twice before now. They are coming in around the sink area. We keep everything very clean, dirty dishes immediately go into the dishwasher, and we empty the trash frequently. Besides wiping the counters with bleach or white vinegar (which I've done), does anyone have other natural solutions???

Many thanks!
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Yes, wipe some orange oil on your counter tops where you have the ant problem. It can be purchased at a garden supply or hardware store. It is not expensive and it is not harmful to people and/or animals. It also leaves a nice scent in your home.
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Last year a day or two before leaving on an extended vacation, we were bombarded with an invasion of ants. Someone suggested Terro Ant Killer and it is the best. It is a 2 oz. bottle with some cards. You can buy it at Home Depot, Lowes, Target, Walmalt, etc. You put a few drops on a piece of the cardboard and place it in the ant trail. The ants are attracted to it and take the solution back to their nests. Within a day the ants were gone and we haven't had them back. Good luck.
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The Terro Ant Killer that is now for sale is basically powered by borax. There are recipes that you can make yourself for sugar/water/borax or boric acid to be found on the internet. It is of low toxicity to people and pets, but the ants take it home and feed it to the colony, and it does the trick. You can put a little bit of it out in a bottle cap where the ants are traipsing around, and they will find it.
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My pet ants love this stuff. Each summer they have returned with their offspring to feed on the Terro. By the end of the summer they have doubled in size and are very brave. They reward me for feeding them Terro by giving me as many love bites as possible. I think our house must be the roof of a major colony.
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I used cinnamon around my place and it did the trick a few years back.
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they are hard to get rid of but I used Apple Cider Vinegar to wipe down counter tops and they are completely gone.
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Spread some bay leaves around in the room. I cured my ant problem by making sure all tress and shrubs outside are kept trimmed so they do not touch the house. I also sprinkle Sevin dust all around my house along the foundation.
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I live in Florida and have the small ants come in all the time. The only thing that used to work was Raid Ant Gel. Now it seems like they have built a resistance to it. I am going to try the vinegar and orange oil and see if it works.
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Default Ants

Originally Posted by celwood View Post
I live in Florida and have the small ants come in all the time. The only thing that used to work was Raid Ant Gel. Now it seems like they have built a resistance to it. I am going to try the vinegar and orange oil and see if it works.

Try sprinkling grits around the house outside. The ants eat the grits and it kills them. I have heard that cornmeal will do the trick also.
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