Any Pediatric Dentists?

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We had many of my daughter's teeth capped because the dentist said that she needed them. That she had many cavities. I couldn't see them. Later when her teeth came out and were seen by another dentist, he said that there was no reason to have caps. When I told him who the dentist was he just nodded and got a grim look on his face.
Now I would get a second opinion.
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I had a friend whose daughter took a bottle of juice to bed when she napped and it rotted all her teeth. Thank God they were baby teeth.
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Worked as a dental assistant for 10 years. More then a drink can affect their dental health- Colds, illnesses, other health issues. Drink MILK kids need it! Get electric tooth brushes- much better job on the teeth. Ask the doctor to define cavities and have them show xrays. Some will not show up on the xray. Anywhere you can get a stcik with the explorer tip is a possible area of decay and needs attention to keep it from expanding. Do check on a second opinion and do not tell them what the first doctor said until they have completed their diagnosis. Get a hard copy of both diagnoses and their treatment plan. some docs will say all needs to be done right now others will lay it out in order of what has to be done first and work with the family financially. As to the health of the teet- when a woman is pregnant her own health especially dental will afect the babies tooth buds. Also if there is smoke in the home it is a contributor to their dental issues.
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You need to request the x-rays to take to another Dr. Also, ask for a written estimate that will show where they are. We always took full mouth if we could get them or at least 4 BW's. You have to keep in mind that if they have any kind of assisted help for children from the state, the dentist will do all the work he can to make some of the money back since they pay so little. If they are not good brushers, they could have cavities just from the food they eat. Even if it is the baby teeth and they will be in there awhile longer, they need to be fixed because it could affect the permanent teeth. 32 years in a dental office.

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as well as getting electric brushes, get a timer. We picked one up at Walmart in the kitchen section for under 6.00- it has lasted us more then 5 years without a battery change. Kids need to brush a minimum if 2 minutes 2 times a day. That's 30 seconds per a quadrant (upper left, lower left, upper right, lower right) Go to the Colgate website ofr info and games.
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