Arthritic hands

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I use Voltaren Emugel. It's a oderless rub.Almost always works in seconds for me. I got mine at Costco. Now that I'm here in Yuma, I just bought some in Mexico (same pkg.except everything is in Spanish).
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Thanks for all the info. I have arthritis in my hands and back.
Always willing to try what others recommend. :thumbup:
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My mil likes Mobisyl, which someone on this board recommended. Found it on Amazon, along with lots of reviews of its effectiveness.
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i also use heat on mine because i have teninitis and it helps with the swelling
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I get DMSO cream from the Health Food store for my long ago broken ankle. I rub it on and can walk with just a little pain when the weather is bad, much like arthritis.
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Forgot to add my friends remedy. She has it in her wrists. She uses two half gallon jugs (deep) one has very hot water one has cold water.She soaks wrist as long as she can in the hot water, then dunks in cold water. Not too sure of the times maybe 5 min. each wrist.
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I have had RA for over 25 years. When I was in my 30's a Dr told me to give up beef because it causes inflamation. Not a popular idea I know but I did and it has helped tremendously. Also avoid hydrogenated oils (in many baked goods) like the plague.
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Keep them warm and moving. I love warm water or anything that has that glowing warmth.
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I found an Epson salt cream at CVS. There was a post a week or so ago about using Epson salts and all the good reviews. I wanted to try it for my lower back, but because of my back and a knee that doesn't bend very much, I can't get in and out of a bath tub. The cream seems to help, even hubby's using it. Today, however, nothing is helping the OA in my back, trying to keep busy to keep my mind off it, but thats not working to good.
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I learned the hard way, never to get that Capsasin...I think thats how you spell it but boy oh boy does it burn! It's like you rubbed the jjuice of hot peppers on your hands. I put it on my shoulder one time. Oh Lord! It was awful! It my be ok for the tougher parts like feet maybe but hands and sholders...I wouldn't!
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