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Default Attention: Cat owners

I have not had a cat for 60 years, and suddenly getting one from a couple who want to travel. Anyway I heard that some houseplants are toxic to cats. I have a dieffenbachia (?) and Christmas Cactus and an aloe vera plant. Are any of these toxic? What else should I be watching for that could harm my 2 year old kitty? Do they get into trouble in my sewing room? Thanks in advance for your help.
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Dieffenbachia affects a cat's central nervous system. I saw somewhere that aloe vera is also poisonous, but my cat doesn't bother with that. I have Christmas Cacti as well, & I believe they are okay. For a list of plants poisonous to your cat & the side effects, check this website:

And for a complete list of plants & household products that are poisonous to cats, check out this site:

As for the sewing room, just don't drop any needles. I did that once as a kid, & when our cat had to be taken to the vet, guess what he found in his stomach? Yep, a needle. My mother was not happy with me.

Enjoy your new pet's company; he will give much more than he receives!
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I don't know about the plants, but oh yes they will get into trouble in the sewing room. Anything small and shiney will attract them and they will probably eat it. It's not too big of a problem if you keep her out of your sewing room or keep it very clean. I'm thinking my sewing room and even my cats didn't want to go in there. Too messy. No cats anymore, but I do miss them. Just remembered a cat I had several years ate a tuber from an English ivy and almost died. The plant was gone but the roots were still there. I learned to research any new plants after that.
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Before you remove the plants watch kitty to see if it is attracted to them for chewing. I only worry about cats getting thread in their mouths. keep thread bits cleaned up. The reason is that cats can't push stuff out of their mouths because of the nature of their tongue. They have to swallow and thread can be very dangerous for their intestines.

I have never had this happen to my kitties but I don't take the chance and sweep after every sewing session. My kitties have never been interested in my house plants but lots are. The dieffenbachia could be a problem but toxic plants are usually so awful tasting they will only bite at a leaf once and say no thank you to any more chewing.

If you are nervous about having your cat and plants share space, be cautious and remove the plants. You will feel so much better. Kitty will be a joy.
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Yes, thread is extremely dangerous for cats. Yarn too.
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call your vet for a list. garlic and onions are very toxic. What's your new furbaby's name, and do you have a picture, please.

maybe grow wheat grass or kitty nap. My little girl, a Russian blue adores the stuff and asks for it every afternoon. Nothing like a stoned kitty!
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I have not read others' links, but poinsettias are mildly toxic to cats and dogs.
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Give your new friend places to climb so she/he can see out windows and over top of things. They will climb on your kitchen counters and sewing machine otherwise! Yours is still young enough to be rather energetic and playful.
Cats also love boxes. Just saw one turned upside down, one end cut off, an old t-shirt stretched over the whole box with the neck hole for a 'door' into the box. Great idea!
Long twigs with a feather or two tied to the end also makes a great plaything for you to hold and dangle before her/him.

You are more blessed than your realize, cats are very entertaining!! I miss mine at the farm immensely.

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My 18month kitten is sleeping on the back of my chair. She is a demon and investigates everywhere, places you don't think about. On top of wardrobes boxes and pinches the dogs' food. She plays chasing games with one of the dogs all round the house and snuggles with the other. She loves looking through windows but has no interest in going outside. My older cat just looks at her although when I disappear they rub up against each other. My four pets are great fun I'm sure your new kitten will have a wonderful spoils time.
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And don't let it chew on your sewing machine electricity cord. Kitten was fine but my poor Bernina!
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