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Not having a good morning!
hubby woke up to go to work and even in the dark I saw it!
Bat flying around in the bedroom!
So now I am up at 3AM with all the upstairs windows open!
Hoping my cats don't climb out the windows but the bat does!
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What a way to wake up!

I have a funny bat story to share...the building I work in is well over a hundred years old and the two upper floors are vacant, except for a couple colonies of bats. When I first started working there they were more prevalent than they are now, since the upstairs windows have been covered over and the tin ceilings removed. Anyway, one day a bat decided to come downstairs and visit. We did not want to hurt it but we did want it out of the store, so we called animal control. They had a new guy who was totally unsuited to the job. He came in dressed like a 'ghost buster' and was scared silly to get even close to the bat. He kept talking on and on about how you needed to be really careful not to get bit because they all had rabies. Finally a customer shooed it out the door with a piece of cardboard. BTW the animal control guy was never seen again! Apparently he decided that was not a good career choice for him (or maybe his superiors decided for him?)
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I would be the same way!
Hubby had to leave for work and I don't know if it went out the window or is in a closet or only God knows where!
Never had one in this house but we lived in an old victorian about 10 years ago and one came downstairs when the attic door was left open.
We were all in the living room watching TV( I of course was sewing)the boys said there goes a frog!
My hubby asked what they were talking about?
my youngest said a frog is in the chair
well when hubby looked the bat had flew down into the crevice between the cushion and the chair!
So now not knowing I am going to have heebee geebees all day!
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Reminds me of years ago when we found a mouse in our house. We didn't have a mouse trap right then but thought we could chase him outside. So we opened the front door and while I stood by another doorway to block entrance to other rooms DH chased him around the room towards the open door. That sneaky little mouse ran around the perimeter of the room two or three times, always keeping himself behind the furniture. He must have seen that I was holding a broom. When he came to the open door you'd think he'd run outside. Perfect escape, right? We even opened it partway so it made a funnel to direct him outside. But bo, this mouse had other ideas. First he'd crash into the door, then he'd run under it and start another lap around the room. Mind you this was late at night so there's no telling what the neighbors thought when they heard screaming whenever he'd run across my feet. We never did get him out of the house that night so we got some mousetraps the next day and set them. Heard a snap that night so DH and when DH went to check the little guy was still squirming. DH decided he'd wait till morning to make sure the deed was done then dispose of he remains. Inthe morning he found an empty mouse trap - no mouse and no cheese. Try again. We re-set the trap but the next day when we came home we found our dog chasing the mouse around the kitchen. As we opened the door that mouse ran out and into the attached garage and disappeared. The next morning we found him dead. Nowhere near the mousetrap and the dog had been locked upstairs. We figured it could have been the head injuries from running into the door, the excitement of the chase, or maybe we just scared him to death.

I always think of bats as mice with wings. Glad we just had the mouse.
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Well the bat came to the basement(family room-where the computer is)!!!!!
Me screaming like a banshee! it went back upstairs
screaming woke my son who laughed at me!!
well he got it out onto the porch and then outside
So now I am going back to bed,
but still a little creeped out and trying to tell myself that there arent any more!
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Sounds like a little to much excitment for me! So glad it is gone!!
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Came home one day to see three of my troop parading down the stairs, all in a row, with Rudy in the lead, looking SO please with himslef. When he got the living room, I saw that he had something in his mouth. As the three of them sat there in a circle, he dropped it. Mouse! I thought. Nope. When I came closer, whatever it was started to VIBRATE! And flew straight at me!!!! Oh crap! A bat!!

My furry ones are inside cats so I couldn't open the doors. As the bat proceeded to do loop d' loops around my living room/kitchen, running & ducking, I scooped up Baby Peeps and "threw" her into one bedroom and slammed the door. Squeaky was next -- woosh -- out the kitchen door, into the attached garage. That left Rudy and me.

Scooped him up, ran into my bedroom and, as the bat swooped, he & I watched the bat through a crack in the door. Me high, him low. We should have filmed it!

Long story, short, leaving Rudy in the bedroom, I went looking for a broom which, of course, I couldn't find (ah, the joys of living with someone with opposable thumbs) so I settled on a fly swatter (not joking). Opened the front door, tried to "steer" the bat outside. Nope.

Okay, how about cross ventilation to spur on the little devil?! Went over, opened the kitchen door, and VOILA!! Squeaky to the rescue (I forgot she was out there). She came bounding in and the bat finally decided to go bounding out the door!! Yes!! Good girl, Squeaky!!!

To date, the count is 3 bats, 4 chipmunks (came thru the garage), 5 mice, and variety of spiders. Had to hire Batman (again, not joking) to get rid of (hopefully) small colony in attic and to seal up all the cracks. I hate to see the carnage but a critter has to be pretty stupid to go into a house with (now) four cats! what are they thinking?
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OH MY DEAR LORD!!!! I would have absoluely died!! I hate mice and bats!! That's enough to make you drink and I mean drink!! YUCK!! :shock: Makes me itch.
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My husband bought me a bat house for christmas followed all the directions for putting it up outside. Sit outside in the evening and watch the bats fly around but do ya think one would move in the house rent free dont have to do anything Nope they just fly around.
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I had bats last year. Thankfully my landlord had a company come in and make it so they can get out but not back in. We watch them in the backyard every night. They are okay as long as they are not flying above my head while I'm trying to sleep. I was so scared and alone when that happened. I was glad my cell was next to the bed so I could call a friend to get it out. The second one was in the living room and I watched it go out the bottom crack in the door. Hissed at me the whole time. Yuck!
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