Do you have a brown lawn?

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please...I saw nothing but brown...between here (OK) and much brown..NO water and NO crops, and NO cattle...

batten down the hatches, because the cotton crops all failed in TX....AND they are having to sell cattle at $.20 a pound on the hoof there will be NO winter beef at a decent price....

it is going to be a long scary winter....

I have a well and still our yard it cooked...when it is still 100 at midnight...nothing stays green...
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Originally Posted by alikat110
It's a lovely, dry light blender shade of brown
I have mostly green in my lawn, but it is made up with Bermuda grass, which is a very tough thing. I believe it must be about 50 or more years old, maybe original to the 1940s house. It can get very brown and then come back with regular watering. We are allowed to water here 3 days per week, odd numbers get Tuesday, Thursday (water is going now) and Saturday. We have to water from 7PM to about midnight. It's worked for many years here.
I think it needs de-thatched and fertilized, it's that time of year. I don't take as good care of it as my late DH did.
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The only thing green in my yard is crabgrass. The Bermuda grass is dead but the crabgrass is growing like crazy! I am only watering my flowers and veggies.
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Ours goes dormant in summer and we let it. Don't have to mow and no extra water. I do water the gardens, though.
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Boy, I should be thankful for my nice green grass then. Or should I say, my husband should be thankful for it. I don't think he could handle it not being green. He already gets in a huff over any little tiny bit of brown!
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We live in Ga. I'm originally from the suburbs of Chicago. Our lawns turn brown in the winter because of the type of lawns down here. I HATE the brown lawns in the winter. I'm so used to the lawns up North staying green all year round.

Hate it! I asked how to I can get the lawn to stay green all winter. I was told to either spray paint it green or over seed with annual rye! Nope, not doing that, not paying to reseed every winter.

Ugly, ugly brown lawn all winter.
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We have 4 shrubs that we are watering once a week in order to save and we have 4 trees that we have watered this summer to amke sure they live. Otherwise we just water the ground so that our outside dog can have a wet spot to lie on. What would we do if we watered the lawn and the grass grew? We can't go outside in this triple digit heat to mow.Thank you, God, that even the weeds are dead or dormant in the yard during this heat wave.
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Not any more! I got sick of paying top dollar to water my lawn every year and so ... I ripped it out. Now I have lovely berry shrubs, kale, hot peppers, strawberries and tomatoes on my front lawn on one side. The other side is an herb garden. Now at least I'm getting something for all that water money. The lawn mower went curbside. Bye-Bye!
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I think you need to have grass before you have a lawn. We had the front seeded in the spring & it was coming up, sort of, but now it's nothing. Is this brown? In 6 days we will celebrate the 1st anniversary of our last measurable rain - August 4, 2010. Now, if Tropical Storm Don would only grow up & become a hurricane, we just might get some much needed rain! :-)

P.S. These were taken during one of our many dust storms. It's windy here most of the time & with no grass to glue the dirt down, these are common, not daily, but very often.
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If you live in my neck of the woods the grass is red.
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