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Does anyone tie quilts anymore? >

Does anyone tie quilts anymore?

Does anyone tie quilts anymore?

Old 01-23-2015, 05:59 AM
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tied quilts are so nice warm and soft my husbands favorite lap quilt that I made 25 years ago it has an old mates pad for the battin and an old sheet on the back been drug all over the country cannot count the washings and still bright andsoft but also the top was made out of old polyester blends and is he bow ty pattern and still a favorite
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Old 01-23-2015, 06:20 AM
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I do it sometimes. Depends on the quilt and material used.
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Funny...I grew up with my grandmother's quilts; my whole family loves these quilts and we all cherish the ones we have now that she's gone.

But they're not real quilts at all, I'm told. She tied every single one. And her binding is just the backing fabric brought over to the front and stitched down. She didn't even miter any corners, just folded them flat and stitched them down.

Well, for not being real quilts, they sure feel like quilts to me. They work like quilts, they look like quilts, and I love them as quilts. So, I call them quilts, and people can tell me they aren't all day long but I will never change my mind about Grandma's quilts.
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Originally Posted by lildinks2013 View Post
I tie all my quilts as I don't have a machine to quilt. People here like the old fashioned way and often ask for it to be tied. They say it is warmer than a quilted ones.
I made a quilt a couple years ago for DSIL. Used fleece on the back - no batting and I tied it. He loved it-soft and cuddley. This is the only one I have tied but, liked the results. It has laundered well.
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Originally Posted by maviskw View Post
I put quilts on my 100 year old quilting frame, and make ties in the center of blocks. Ties in the corners sometimes have to go through too many layers of fabric.
Some ladies make their ties very loose, I tie mine tight. Loose ones are probably warmer, as the batt retains its lofty quality and so keeps in the heat.
My granddaughter and I tied a quilt once with pearl cotton. They all came loose. We had to re-tie them and then put Fray Check on each one. Some still came loose, and now that quilt is in my sewing room waiting to get completely retied with wool.
Wool ties never come loose. The more you wash them, the tighter they get.
Some are cut 4 inches long. I cut mine to less than 1 inch.
Ties can add a lot to a quilt top. I think using many ties really looks nice.
Totally intrigued, where do you get wool ties? Cut up wool fabric? Wool yarn?
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Old 01-23-2015, 08:31 AM
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Originally Posted by AZ Jane View Post
Totally intrigued, where do you get wool ties? Cut up wool fabric? Wool yarn?
Me, too. I would like to know more about wool ties!
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Old 01-23-2015, 08:42 AM
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Yes, I tie quilts for Community Quilts for our guild for the give-aways, some for the grandchildren, and once in awhile for ourselves. It is very relaxing and the ties are really pretty.
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Old 01-23-2015, 08:49 AM
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At church sewing circle years ago this is how we laid out the quilts to tie.

Automotive clamps were used to clamp down the layered quilt to the banquet tables and then slid down the side, reclamped and a new portion clamped to the table. At the start of the tieing the center of the quilt was the starting point. Sometimes in four hours twenty to twenty-five quilts would be tied. They were on table loose enough to pinch where going to tie so as not to scratch the table; pinch at go straight through instead of down-and-up. Took me some time to get it as it was not as easy as it looked to pinch correctly! Thumb and index finger spread out and placed hard against the table and slid together. All I know is these ladies kicked out a lot of quilts (which they called blankets) and sent them all over the world. They liked to make the blankets/quilts size HUGE so entire refugee families could fit under them together or could be used as a tarp of sorts if needed or folded up to mattress. The end products, even though all different fabric contents and not perfectly cut, ended up actually being beautiful. I don't know how many times I looked at a finished one and wished I could take it home.
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Here are a few quilts I tied last year.1450188_189884531200047_1742024072_n.jpg1779174_212340968954403_692947905_n.jpg10514937_252794908242342_1400270300_n.jpg10527931_252793718242461_1413253316_n.jpg10536761_252795271575639_983224546_n.jpg
Attached Thumbnails a2wn__28413.1405439833.1280.1280.jpg  
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lildinks, your quilts are beautiful. thanks for posting them.
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