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I have had garage sales in the past and vowed never again. However... I have been cleaning out stuff and have some things that I think will do well in a garage sale. I am going to price them high so when people want to pay less, I can accommodate them. I don't want to overcharge anyone but when something is priced for $0.25 and they want to pay
$0.10, it does irritate me.
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I have had a few garage sales - made more on the small water mellons than on the sale items ! Could not believe how little I made. I go to a few sales now and cannot believe the 'junk' people try to sell. I now give away things I no longer use or need. Much easier.
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I have had a couple of garage sales, but have never had much luck. Not even many lookers. I was shocked last summer at the prices I saw at the sales. So many people had their stuff priced at nearly retail prices. I don't pay retail when I shop for new items at stores. Why on earth would I pay retail at a garage sale.
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Each year after my sale I vow never again! But here I am gathering thing up for this years sale!!! I mark things low and yes, get a few who try to get it lower...I usually just say no, sorry, it's not mine and I was instructed to sell as marked......and most take whatever at price marked....I myself love going to garage sales and I pay whatever the price tag states.....always cheaper than a store price and then in a yr or two it goes in my sale!!!! Recycling at its finest!!!!!
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I had to liquidate my father's things located in Whetstone AZ in 1986 shortly after his death. It was difficult to deal with his things but yes, people showed up early when my father's friends and I were trying to set things up and wanted to start dickering right then and there.
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There are a lot of cheapskates out there. That is my idea of people always trying to get something for nothing. Just cheap.
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I tried a garage sale over 20 years ago. My neighborhood was small at that time and I didn't sell much. So I said 'No more sales.' I know it was my inexperience in setting it up with advertising, etc. Now I donate things to my church's annual garage sale and to some local thrift shops.

I do enjoy going to sales but I never bargain. I usually make a comment about how I will use my purchases like sheets, blankets, and materials. Because I use these items for charity, many sellers give me a better deal without needing to ask.

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I just keep a box in my house and when it is full of items I no longer want I take it to Salvation Army or the Boys Club Thrift Store. I like to go to garage sales but NEVER want to have one.
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We had our moving sale this weekend--mostly odds and ends of tools, small furniture-etc. from the basement--nothing over $25 and almost everything from 50 cents to 4 or 5 for a box of stuff---had over 200 people come thru and had to close down at noon Sat. cause there was nothing left to sell !!!! Quite a few sales in the neighborhood but several people told us the others were overpriced. One man bought $70 of little stuff and came back next morning and bought $50 more. Now our basement is empty of the 42 yr accumulation and we have over $800 to help with moving expenses---yippee. Lots of work but worth it for us.
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Wow I've never had that kind of traffic at a sale! Well I guess I am a cheapskate! In my neck of the woods dickering over prices at garage sales and flea markets is the norm.
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