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I'm with a lot of you. I LOVE going to garage and yard sales, but I will NEVER have one again. WAY too much work! I DO appreciate people having them because I love to go... When we move, whatever I don't want to take with me, I'll ask a few friends to take a look and offer me whatever they want for things. I'm a member of the local American Legion Auxiliary, so whatever is left, I'll haul it to the Legion for the Auxiliary's yearly yard sale. Those funds go for a GREAT cause and everything is appreciated.
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So glad to hear your sale was a success. Yes, people want to bargain on everything! My mother was like that. She said it was a game to her. And you gotta love the ones that "walk away" then are peeved when the item is gone later.

Wishing you all the best now on your move!
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I HAVE to have at least 2 garage sales this year...
We are still trying to clear out my Aunt and Uncle's home...been at this for a year. Uncle was a hoarder. All the junk is gone...have donated tons.
What is left is the good stuff...whatever sells will benefit their special needs son. I had 2 yard sales last summer where most of the items were priced at $1. I had people trying to barter me down to 3 items for $ sad.
I tried to hold firm to my prices due to why I was selling these items....but it left me very down. After this summer, I NEVER want to have a garage sale again.
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I've had a few garage sales. I price things for more than what I really want to get. In case people (like me) come and want to feel like they're getting a bargain and like to barter for everything. My (higher) prices were still amazingly cheap. Many people didn't even feel the need to bargain as the item was "Such a deal" already. For example we were selling many big baby items (4' play pen, fancy shmancy carseat -not even close to expiration date & never in an accident, huge wooden toy box, little tykes play forts) all in excellent shape, for $12. I really wanted $10.

Unfortunately by the time the garage sale is almost done and I start thinking about what I can spend all my loot on, something big breaks in our home. Clothes washer, dryer or dish washer. I figure if I don't have any more garage sales, nothing will break!
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A girlfriend an I had one 40 years ago. Way more work then it was worth. So we both decided we are better at ''going'' to yard sales.
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Looking at my stash makes me really tired. I am going on 80 years old and know that I will never be able to use all this fabric. Wondering if I should just 'Craigtslist' what I can't use or try a garage sale. I know they are a lot of work but I have been very successful with them in the past.
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*** They are a lot of work, but sometimes worth it.
*** Had one about 5 years ago when out of work and needed the $$$.
*** Rained all day - cover then uncover, but made $430. sis made $200. friend made $150.
*** Have to watch people like a hawk or stuff walks off.
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Garage sales are so much fun! I've bought some great things at them.. Bargaining is the name of the game, tho..

For some folks it's a test of wills over who's going to come out on top.. One time a young guy was persistent about haggling over an antique trunk I had for sale.. Turned out he was a young attorney and was practicing his craft on me!
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Must have been my SIL wanting to pay only a dollar for anything! I recently cleaned out more closets and took a polaroid camera and a camera with actual film in canisters and case to the Charity shop. Someone will want them. Just not me.
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if you sell on Craig's list, think seriously have meeting the buyer at a safe place. Not your home. I gave away (through my Cities freecycle site online) an older t.v. to a lady and we met at BlockBusters video parking lot.
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