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Thread: Heat

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    Mar 2010
    Connecticut shoreline
    The sweltering curse
    (In blistering verse)
    By: Mary Schmich

    Too hot, too hot
    Too hot to think
    Too hot, so hot
    I need a drink.

    A drink with ice
    To dry my sweat
    Just standing still
    I'm sopping wet.

    Too hot, too hot
    Too hot to work
    (A great excuse
    To nap and shirk.)

    I'll tell the boss
    I'm off today
    (Although it is
    Too hot to play.)

    Too hot to nap
    Too hot to eat
    Too hot to dress
    Too hot to tweet.

    It's hot too early
    Hot too late
    So many hot hot
    Things to hate:

    That sticky feel
    Behind the knees
    That icky dirty
    Ozone breeze.

    The stinky sweat
    Upon your feet
    The clammy ring
    Left on your seat.

    Your frizzy hair
    Your soggy bed
    The coming outage
    From ComEd.

    It's hotter here
    Than Phoenix dirt
    It's hotter than
    Ms. Monroe's skirt.

    It's Southern hot
    Oh no, it's worse
    At least the South
    Expects this curse.

    It's Houston hot!
    Miami heat!
    It's hotter than
    On Bourbon Street!

    So hot Chicago's
    Like a bog
    It's muggy, buggy
    Dense with fog.

    Too hot too hot
    To tell a joke
    How hot is that?
    Like I said, it is just too hot to think of a good "it's so hot" joke.

    So hot that
    Blago's hair might wilt
    But not so hot
    He'll melt with guilt.

    So very very
    Very hot
    So hot you smell
    The mold and rot.

    So hot it chafes
    Your inner legs
    So hot that chickens
    Lay fried eggs.

    So hot the air
    Could bake a peach
    Too hot to lie
    Out at the beach.

    Too hot to play
    A game of ball
    So hot you fondly
    Dream of fall.

    So hot you even
    Miss the snow
    Oh, where'd the bliss
    Of blizzards go?

    Too hot to walk
    Too hot to bike
    Too hot to jog
    Too hot to hike

    But as we swelter
    Whine and moan
    Let's not forget:
    This heat's on loan.

    As fast as we
    Can say July
    The summer will
    Have said goodbye.

    Copyright 2011, Chicago Tribune

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    Google Goddess craftybear's Avatar
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    thanks, it sure is hot

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    Senior Member laughingquilter's Avatar
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    May 2010
    Sounds like a Dr. Seuss book!!! And, yes.....whew! It's HOT!

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    Power Poster Jingle's Avatar
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    Outside St. Louis
    It is hot here too. I can't wait for Sept., sure hope it is cooler than. I hate the heat.

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    Camarillo, California

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    Yes, It is HOT!! I hate to complain cause not too long ago we were complaining about the cold, but that won't stop me. It is just Too Hot to Handle!!

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    Super Member Melinda in Tulsa's Avatar
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    I don't want winter, or even fall. Just a *normal* summer. We are running about 10 degrees hotter here. (And that's in the shade!)

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    Super Member ontheriver's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    Selma Alabama
    I'm in the minority, I love the heat. Summer is my favorite time of the year. Having lived in the South 95% of my life I am used to the heat and the humidity. The only time I complain is when it is cold.

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    Senior Member mizkyp's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    Wonderful Sue Fish!!!

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    Super Member mcdaniel023's Avatar
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    Just a reminder to check on neighbors, the elderly and our furry friends. Weather right now...99 at Ohare. That is hot.

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    Pittsburgh, PA
    I never complain about the cold. I love it. But boy do I hate hate hate summer and the humidity and the sun. The sun gives me headaches when I'm outside and hurts my eyes when it bounces off all that lovely snow in the winter. I don't even like sunny rooms in the house - close all the drapes and curtains. A/C is set on 70 and I've got fans in every room blowing directly on me all day and a paddle fan above my bed all night. I love cloudy days and rainy days. I love to stand by the window and watch the lightening during a storm. If I have to go somewhere I only go in the morning 'cause I can't afford to fix/replace the broken A/C in my 15-yr. old car, and I hate driving in a hot car on a hot day and being sweaty and sticky. The heat makes my heart pound and I can't breathe and I see black spots in front of me no matter where I look. Even as a kid my mom couldn't coax me to go outside to play - it was just too hot. Didn't get A/C in the house until I was in my mid-40's - don't know how I survived. We're really in for it now and for the next several days. It's after 6:00 p.m. now and it's still 90! Going to be 96 tomorrow! It's been working it's way across the country and now I guess it's our turn. Somehow I get the feeling that won't be the end of it. Hate, hate, hate the heat. There. I feel better now. Sorry for the rant. I'll just go and turn my fan on High.

    BTW, I loved the "Heat" poem.

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    Super Member Melinda in Tulsa's Avatar
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    Dec 2008
    Tulsa, Oklahoma
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    I love heat, but this is getting just a bit too much for me! Right now it's after 8pm, the temp is 101 and the heat index is 105. The normal high this time of year is 94. I was born and raised in central Fla so the heat normally doesn't bother me but we have had 17 days of above 100 temps, not counting heat index and no relief in site. We are also in a severe drought here in Oklahoma. That does not bode well for food prices this year...

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