Home made sanitary pads

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Actually there was a group of college girls near here that were making them a couple of years ago and sending them to Africa. Apparently young women in Africa would have to stay home from school then they had their period becuase they didn't have supplies. I was always going to do it but have since lost the pattern :(
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If you want a pattern theres alot of free ones on the net. Or, just take a disposable one and make a pattern.
LOL, Kathy, just dont tell my secret!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I would think reuseable tampons are just asking for toxic shock syndrome. Sorry, I don't think I'll risk that. And I don't know about the saving a lot of money thing either with the cost of washing, if you have metered water, drying, making and eww....my family would have a complete fit if I was putting them in with the family laundry.
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Originally Posted by trupeach1
Originally Posted by tlrnhi
My daughter is VERY environmentally friendly. No, she's not a treehugger, but she likes to save/recycle or whatever whenever possible. She uses cloth diapers for the babies and neither one of them has had a bit of diaper rash. She'll put a disposable on them if traveling for the day, but other than that, it's cloth, cloth, cloth.

She's thinking she want's to do this, but unsure of it all. She says she could toss them in the diaper pail with the diapers, which is usually always full. Yes, she hangs it all out to dry too, but neighbors don't care, they love the babies.

Yes Patrice...I said the EW thing too, but....oh well....sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do. This will also save her a bit of money too, I think, I hope!
Now this is really gross, on a blog the lady said she takes the water from the diaper and mama pail and dumps it in her garden. She said is has lot of nutrients and everything grows huge. I don't know her personally but since she writes of her veggies garden I don't think if I did I would ever have a tomato sandwich at her house. Which is also silly look at all the people who use cow manure. Like everything else it is what we are use to and what has been considered exceptable.

I commend your daughter, she is not giving in to big corporations and buying their expensive products just because it is a neccesity she is finding alernate ways.
That reminds me - years ago, my husband's brother brought his new bride here from Germany - they lived in a farm and only had an "outhouse" for a bathroom. We ate there several times and then she took us on a tour of her garden and we kept seeing toilet paper in the garden!!!!! Needless to say - we never ate there again! They used the "manure" from the outhouse for their garden - GAG!
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Wow...the things you learn on a quilting forum. I must admit, I never in my wildest dreams thought anyone in the modern world used anything other than disposable products. I must be quite naive..lol. However, yes, they are very expensive. This has been an eye opener. Glad I don't have to worry any more.
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There's also the "Diva Cup". I heard about it from another site I go on. Its here:


It's a "cup" type thing that you use instead of tampons. You empty it somehow and reuse it that way. I've not used one, yet, but I do like the idea of how green these items are. Just can't bring myself to do it.I know that's irrational, but somethings are just ingrained too deeply, you know? Maybe someday.....

They say that they really are hard or messy to dump. You would think they would be!
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yuck! not for me, glad I don't need them anymore, and hubby wears black underwear, can't see the skid marks!!!!!
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Originally Posted by miss_ticky2
Wow...the things you learn on a quilting forum. I must admit, I never in my wildest dreams thought anyone in the modern world used anything other than disposable products. I must be quite naive..lol. However, yes, they are very expensive. This has been an eye opener. Glad I don't have to worry any more.
Amen sister! :lol: :lol:
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I dimly remember seeing a knitted pattern for a pad. If you're interested, I can do some searching to see if I can find it.

the circle pattern (sewn): http://sites.google.com/site/shewhorunsintheforest/0011
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This is how the enviroment friendly stuff takes it to a whole new plane. When there wasn't anything better is much different from all the nice things out there. I don't need that sort of stuff and haven't for years, if I did I sre wouldn't use anything but boughten pads. Just me.
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