how big is your yrd?

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We live in a small suburban city with a lot just under 1/2 acre -- really appreciate my lawn service!!
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Lol at this, I live in UK and by US standards back garden is tiny,its about 40 ft by 50 ft, but by our standards a good size
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I'm LOLing along with you notmorecraft. So jealous of the US lot sizes.

We're in a semi-detached (not even sure if you have that in the US - we are attached on one side to our neighbours) 2 storey house providing a grand total 750 sq feet of accommodation.

Our back garden/'yard' is about 30 feet by 25 feet (which is about double the size of most in this area, since we are a corner plot sort of on the dividing line between suburban and city centre in location)

I dream of American-style houses and outdoor spaces!! :-)
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My house down in Florida was just under 1,000 so understand size. The yard was very tiny as the lot itself was only 45 x 85 and with a very large 150 year old Live Oak in back. It shaded the entire back yard so no grass to mow. The front yard was so close to the street and sloped so I made it into a rose garden so again no grass.

Now I live in Iowa with a larger house and yard to play with. The back yard houses a 2nd 2-car garage, a garden plot between the two garages and a gravel area for parking. Since I wanted more gardening space I built raised beds in the gravel area as I was not going to try to remove all that gravel at my age. As it was I did move the gravel from around the back deck for a walkway which I was finally age to put in this past Fall.

This back yard gives me such pleasure during the Spring, Summer and Fall months with the veggies it produces and flowers. I'm already planning what to plant next Spring.
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My 2200 sq ft historical house in a farming community about 20 miles from Little Rock on the equivalent of 5 city lots which is a bit more than a half a block. There is a sign on the highway on the back part of my property that designates the path of the trail of tears. I have 5 pecan trees, two plum trees, an apple tree, oak trees and a magnolia and four crepe myrtle bushes in my yard. I am 80 yrs old, and I like to use my riding lawn mower but not the push or weed eater.

We loved living here while my husband was living but, now, I need to downsize but real estate is not moving in this area. Some new houses and very low priced houses are but not so much other My oldest son lives about 40 miles southwest of me and has found me a smaller house near him. Maybe, I will investigate that since it would be closer to my married granddaughter..... On the other hand, I have room for a LAQ setup...
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I am on the family farm with 80 acres behind the 2-story brick front farm house. Only 2 other families on my mile, I am alone on this half of the mile. Am 7 miles from each of 3 small towns, city is about 40 minutes away.
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After three decades inside the D.C. Beltway, we moved to the beach and have an acre of paradise about 4 miles from the surf. The back year has a gazebo, an arbor bench built by DH and a water feature (DH again.) Every day I wake up deliriously happy to be here.

Also have a studio apt in DC, just 550 square feet, but more than adequate for weekend theater jaunts to the big city. Couldn't stand to live in an apt. bldg. all the time. I have to have my hands in the dirt! Not sure what will happen as we get older. I'm 65 now and very healthy, so have some time before I have to think about it, I hope.
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When we built our house 26 years ago my DH wanted a large yard. We were lucky to find a new area that was selling one and a half home lots for each house. My back yard has five large live oak trees so I only have about a fourth of it with enough sunlight for my flower beds. It is a burden now that we have to hire a yard man to take care of it for us. We do like the idea of not having the neighbor houses right up to close to ours.
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Crafty Pat, We once lived in Live Oak, but I forgot the name of the subdivision. DH was stationed at the nearby AF base (I forget the name of it); youngest son climbed the water tower and caused a bid of chaos, so a fence was put up around it.

Our place here in TN has been perfect for us for going-on 20 years now--a little over 11 acres, part of it straight up (to this LA gal, a mountain) forested and full of deer and turkeys. DH has to mow about 3 acres, but he has a Grasshopper, so not so bad. I don't do ANYTHING outside; he does it all. Our house is an old, remodeled farm house with 2 bedrooms (1 small, and 1 big), 1 bathroom that was converted from one of the smaller bedrooms, two foyers (one has my laundry built in like a closet, and the other has two closets added after we moved in because in old farm houses in the South, there are no closets); a BIG kitchen, and BIG living room, a dining room that is never eaten in--it is our trail from one section of the house to the other so houses our computer areas; and a big sunroom that we added about three years ago because we could not see out the back side of our house to enjoy our view. We are five miles from town (maybe 1000 folks population) with only four other families on our l-l/2 mile long road. We are set way back off the road, and cross a wood bridge to get to the house. My sewing room was built by the Amish and hauled in on the back of a roll-back 10 or 12 years ago, and DH's shop was site-built by a local barn-builder 5 or 6 years ago to house his old cars and hot tub. We have lived here the same number of years that the DH served in the AF; I've asked him a time or two if he is going to "retire at 20 again"--but I do hope not. I can't stand the thought of packing up all this mess and moving.....
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Oh yes, crafty pat, I just remembered--Live Oak Village. And my four kids have very fond memories of living in Live Oak Village. And yes, I got a speeding ticket in Selma when we lived there.
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