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I'm Concerned about this Winter

I'm Concerned about this Winter

Old 09-02-2014, 03:45 PM
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We go to to the Rio Grand Valley in TX for the winter and last year it was chillier than usual but still plenty of great swimming days. People down there were complaining about how cold it was but I just said " its a heck of lot warmer than Wisconsin".
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Thanks, Edie. I love this. One of my greatest joys is looking and looking for the first spring crocus. They gladden my heart.
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Originally Posted by canmitch1971 View Post
I am absolutely dreading winter. I used to always be hot but now I am always cold, especially my feet.. It doesn't seem to matter what I put on them.. I have wool socks, sheepskin slippers....nothing seems to help much :-(
Sounds like poor circulation. When I go to bed at night, I take a bean bag tube that has been heated in the microwave stuffed into a fleece pillowcase. The pillowcase thing is only half a pillowcase, just enough to get my feet in and a little of my legs. After the bed is warmed, I can kick that thing out of bed if I feel so inclined.
Another trick is vapoizing chest rub. Several different brands are available. I have Vicks and Walgreens. I put it on the bottoms of my feet. I never had a cold all winter last year. Someone told me about this, and I think it works.
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Originally Posted by Edie View Post
The Cicadas are singin' away, you can sort of feel the Autumn in the air and yes, we heard that Minnesota is going to be worse than last year. Mercy!!!!!!!!

I get this "thing" in August and September. We call it the squirreling thing! We start collecting food for the freezer or the cupboard for the long cold winters, my sister is in Wisconsin and she is freezing peppers and salsa that she has made. I am waiting for my Sweet Dumpling squash to get ready to pick. I have a "cat pantry" in the basement where it is nice and cool and that is where I keep my squash, potatoes and other veggies I can carry over for part of the winter.

My main problem now is who am I going to get to do my shoveling. My husband was the world's best shoveler and I learned from him to do it right (yes, there is a right way to shovel snow) and no one else can do it like my husband did or I do and I just can't shovel the deep snows anymore. I-2 inches is fine, but heavy wet snow is out of the question. I am kind of looking forward to winter, but not the cold and the snow. I am going to miss my new deck and my rocking chairs out there to sit and sew, but I'll do that inside for five months. I want to do a little traveling before the white stuff comes. Oh yah - I was watching the squirrels in the pin oak on the boulevard and they are stripping the leaves off and picking the acorns off the tree and leaving the shells for us to clean up. Hard on dogs feet. But I am 'specting that they realize that there may be an early winter.

I remember the WINTER OF 1992 (you have to say that with a loud deep voice) when it snowed on Hallowe'en and didn't stop until Easter. We had snow to the top of our clothesline pole. Not a fun winter - but you should have seen all the Hallowe'en candy when all the snow melted!!!!!! That whole winter was sort of reminiscent of Little House on the Prairie when Pa had a rope tied from the house to the barn so they didn't get lost in a Minnesota winter!!!!!!! Well, we all talk like this during September and October - we survive the snow and the shoveling and we say "This is the worst winter we have ever had. I had never in my life (76 years) seen a Luna Moth caterpillar and this year have seen two of them, collected one and it is cocooned out on the porch and as it gets colder, I will put it in the fridge and it should burst from the cocoon this coming Spring.

We will find something on TV like Survivor or something to look forward to that will take us through December, and then the Super Bowl and then seed picking out for Spring plantings and before you know it, we will be there again. All wide-eyed and bushy-tailed because we made it through another winter.

I have a little poem here; I have it tacked to my desk and I just love it:

"I meant to do my work today --
but a brown bird sang in the apple tree,
and a butterfly flitted across the field,
and all the leaves were calling me,
and the wind went sighing over the land,
tossing the grasses to and fro,
and a rainbow held out its shining hand -
so what could I do but laugh and go."
Richard LeGalllienne

So, I guess, we make hay while the sun shines,eh? - High in the upper 80's today...........Edie
Thank you for adding that sweet little poem I've always loved it, too. Think I'll use it at school. Lots of illustrating possibilities!
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Old 09-02-2014, 06:18 PM
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I think I read in the farmers almanac predicting north east to be colder this year than last. might want to get an extra cord of wood for the wood-stove this year. We got quite a bit of snow last year, I didn't see what the snow fall would be like this year.
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Originally Posted by quilter1 View Post
Here in southern Ontario the trees have been turning for weeks now and the birds are already heading to warmer climates. I love the Fall but winter last year was brutal, my DH has a 2 hour commute to work each way- not looking forward to that. I plan to hunker down and spend the winter in my studio- 2 big projects (a Mariner's Compass and Farmer's Wife) as well as lots of other things to keep me busy.
I feel bad for your DH with that kind of commute
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Originally Posted by Jan in VA View Post
I don't suppose you have room for a house guest for 3-4 months starting around December 20?!

Jan in VA
make that reservation for 2...I am dreading Winter and mourning the end of a very short summer!
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Considering it still 93 degrees @ almost 11 it hard to think about winter much less snow. Wouldn't mind a few chilly nites/days. Someone mentioned a short summer, in my neck of the woods it feels long since weather is normally over 108 or so. So please all of you start preparing with extra food and water, be safe my friends.
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Old 09-03-2014, 04:11 AM
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I manage to put up tomatoes, applesauce, frozen dinners and I have a neighbor who loves to hunt, but hates pheasant. So I have several pheasants over the winter. And then I have a friend whose kids and their friends go deer hunting. They get the deer home, call me, (this happens three times after Thanksgiving) and I go over and clean deer and get it ready for packaging. I usually end up with 1/4 - 1/2 deer. Makes for excellent soups and stews. I like being holed up during the winter, but sometimes you go a little stir crazy and just have to get out - so I go to JoAnn's or Hancocks. Keeps me sane. Edie
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When we retired to Pennsylvania in 1997, oil was $.79 a gallon. We filled our 1000 gal tank before winter. Now the cost of oil is over $4.00 and we purchase 100 at a time. We supplement our heating with space heaters in the areas where we spend much of our time. We also have longjohns and sweatshirts.
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