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Thread: The information that got away - - -

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    There is so much I wish I'd asked my mother throughout the years. My dad's mother was divorced and had 2 daughters. She married my grandfather in 1915. I'd love to know about the divorce; it just wasn't done back then!

    I contacted my aunt and several cousins asking info on their families (they were all in my life when I was a child). All were so supportive and gave me so much info for the geneology book I put together for Mom for Christmas that year. I just wish I had asked about family stories they had.

    My 17 yo grandson is thinking about an engineering major in college. That brought to mind that both my father and grandfather were engineers. My grandfather was a civilian employee of the Army in the Phillipines before WW II. He was captured and died in a POW camp there. I told my GS about that and also that I've decided to tell him and his sister family facts and stories when I think of them. Both GKs listen respectully when I talk; whether or not they'll remember in a few years is a different story. LOL But how I wish I'd ask Mom more.

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    While my Dad passed away almost a year ago, I still wish he would have talked about his childhood. He had no desire at all to discuss it...he'd simply say it happened and it's over. I know he and his family had a decent growing up yet he didn't feel it important to share tidbits of it. Good or bad, I'm who I am and right now I like myself so I guess that is the best history I can have
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    Quote Originally Posted by quilter1 View Post
    Children who are born to a family or adopted into a family, are welcomed into a family that has history. That history belongs to the child- whether he/she is naturally conceived, artificially conceived or adopted. Nothing more need be said about it!
    Thank you - a lady after my own heart! Edie
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    I am like everyone else in that I wish I had paid more attention to my relatives' stories. So, my advice is to start some sort of family history (stories, marriages, deaths, people's personality, etc) on the printed page. Record people's voices as they tell the history. Then give a copy of it to your children and other relatives. Your local library and any genealogy library is a great place to house these records for future generations. A friend of mine has found pictures of relatives from the 1800's at a local library in Texas and another in Mississippi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nivosum View Post
    Record people's voices as they tell the history.
    A few years ago, my husband and I started video recording his dad telling stories and just talking and bs-ing with us. Half of the time we were sort of sneaky about it and he wasn't aware we were taping him. The last year of his life, as he aged and became ill, he became cranky and difficult. (I honestly believe this was his way of making his passing easier for us to take.) A year or so after he passed, we brought out the videos and were showing them to my SIL. She cried and was so thankful we had them, because it reminded her of the way he was before he got cranky. She said it helped replace those sad, painful memories with good, happy ones.

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    My Grandma was a special person too. She is the one that inspired my quilting. I still have 4 of her tops to be renovated and made into quilts for my siblings. She had stories aplenty, but would never share them with us. No idea why. I often wonder how she would respond if she could see my LA and some of the advancements made in the quilting industry

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    This has been an interesting thread for me to read. Several years ago, a family history was written on my maternal grandmother's side of the family. I do have a copy of that book and have been able to keep things current so far as my own immediate family. Some years back a book was done on my husband's family, and we also have a copy of that book, but unfortunately, some updating needs to be done there. As for my father's family, there is only a sister-in-law of Dad's still living, and I really need to take a day and go visit with her and glean from her memories of the family. Family history is all too precious not to keep up with.
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