irons and wattage

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Default irons and wattage

came across this about irons and amount of electric use
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Interesting. I actually like the automatic shut-off feature on my old Rowenta, although I know many quilters do not like it. Mine shuts off after about 3 minutes of non-use.
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That was good information. I had no idea having the iron on that long would be like running a floor heater. Thanks for the info.
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Just last weekend I was looking up info to try and find out how much it costs me to run the iron for an hour. I did my husband's shirts, rather than spend the money at the dry cleaners. Many years ago I happened to run into the meter man as he was checking our meter and he told me that any heating appliance draws more electricity. Last weekend I was just trying to find out if it's worth the time and effort to do my husbands' dress shirts. I do a better job than some of the cleaners and I don't leave that shine on the collars.
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CINDYA, you're a good wife! My husband knows better than to ask. And he wears dress shirts every day to work. I will do it if it's really badly wrinkled. And I too can do it better than the cleaners!

I had no idea that irons used so much energy. I better not plug in anything else in there.
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Good article. I am going to check the wattage on mine. I don't like the auto shut off irons but that may be the way to go for me.
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My newest Black and Decker shuts off way too fast and takes more time to get back to steaming. I don't like it and went back to the old Black and Decker classic with no shut off. That's a lot of energy though. I'll have to look for another alternative.
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I bought this sweet little iron on Amazon and I love it. I use it on a tray table beside my sewing machine when piecing so I don't have to jump up and down to use my "big iron." It is plenty hot and works great. I hadn't even considered the savings on the lower wattage, but that's another plus.
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Originally Posted by Prism99 View Post
Interesting. I actually like the automatic shut-off feature on my old Rowenta, although I know many quilters do not like it. Mine shuts off after about 3 minutes of non-use.
I use to drive an old girlfriend because I always turned off my iron after using it. I knew how much an iron draws. I still stack up items that need to be ironed and then do it all at once. I LOVE my Rowenta iron because sometimes I DO FORGET to turn it off. I NOW have a light plug in so when the iron is on, so is the overhead light.
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That has a lot to do with why I went to a smaller iron and I do turn it on and off if I have much time between ironing. Smaller iron is lower wattage.
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