Garage Sale Tips?

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Default Garage Sale Tips?

Hubby and I have decided to downsize and purchased a smaller house. As a result, we are having our first garage sale. I have been to a couple of garage sales so I know to price items very cheaply, but any other tips? How should I display the sale items? What sells best? What should I have on hand for customers?

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Have plenty of newspaper and recycled grocery bags on hand to wrap up breakables and other purchases.
Make sure you have enough change. With the advent of cash machines, most people have $20's for even a $2 purchase.

Make a sign with a mylar balloon for customers to locate your home easily...
Other than that, a smile is always wonderful.
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Things I find helpful

Advertise on Craig's list

Price cheaply but not so cheap you are not willing to deal everybody will ask for a lower price.

Hang as many clothes as possible and have a blanket price on them ie all jeans $5 all button down $2.00 dresses?

Put breakables, anything you think is worth more and electronics on tables.

Try to group like items together kitchen item, linens, kids toys and games, electronics.

Anything you want more than $5 on put a sticker on it.

If you are selling functunal electrical items, toasters, radios, fans have a power cord available so you can show how well it works.

Day of sale have a lot of smaller bills 1's 5's 10's even a 20 or two that way you won't loose early morning sales or have to reduce your price because you don't have change.

Good luck have fun I'm sure you will get a lot more tips and ideas.
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Don't try to give anything away for free. I once had a perfectly good laundry tub that DH was adamant that we get rid of. I put a free sign on it. One gentleman really wanted it but wanted to know what was wrong with it because it was free. After a lengthy discussion, I wasn't able to give it to him, so I said "Okay, I'll take $1 for it." He bought it. LOL

Hope it's successful for you!
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Make sure you check everything so you leave no valuables behind in drawers and such. Pockets; check for change and receipts that may have any valuable information. My sister uses shirt box lids (old ones) to keep clothes displayed on tables in order. She attaches cardboard tags so people know sizes. She also keeps male clothing separate from female whether on a rack or a box. She keeps sm, med, and lg bags separate. At the end of (last day) she has a bag sale. $2 bag, Paper bags same. Often she takes a photo of a piece with the tag price and keeps record of it. You can do this with your phone. People will swap tags. Try to have an extra person or 2 to help with the sale. Go online and check some of your more valuable pieces and see what ebay may be selling them at. If some one says I can go on ebay and get it for this price, just tell them they don't have to pay for shipping since you can put it in their hot little hand today. I had a 3rd seat from a Suburban a co worker wanted. Good shape few people sat in it. He asked what we wanted for it and I said $100.00 after hubby saw it online for $75. Ours was in much better shape and the guy had his hot little hand on it. He paid the $100.00 and we immediately loaded it into his truck. Cover anything you don't want to sell. Don't be afraid to put a sign up stating "Restrooms unavailable to public" They will ask. Good luck and hope this helps.
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Restroom. I don't think so. Just watch people. they will take things, believe it or not.
keep small items near you when possible. watch kids. watch their parents. sad way to sell things, but one must. tags will help a lot, since you can't remember what everything was priced for. My SIL wants to pay no more than a dollar for anything. So good luck!
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If possible mark on the sticker what the items are so they can't switch tickets. Have every thing up on tables if possible. Use a carpenter apron for your sales so you don't leave money laying around. Have an extension cord out to try any electric items. Box up a lot of little items you don't want to price individually and mark the price on the box. Have plastic sheets available to cover stuff in case of rain if you are not in the garage. If in the garage, make sure the door to the house is locked.
Put signs out at the corners of your road if allowed. If you do put an add in the paper, be prepared for early birds knocking at the door before you are ready.
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Watch your money box (or whatever you keep your money in). My DD was helping a lady at her garage sale and all of a sudden their money box (a cigar box) was missing. HTH
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Plenty of change and smaller bills (and periodically take money into the house), keep the house locked/no restroom, have more than one person there, make it look inviting, make it easy for people to see what you have (be it clothes, dishes, records, books), drag stuff out of the garage where it's easier to see, put some of the bigger nicer stuff out in front so people just driving by are attracted to your sale, don't overprice your stuff, plenty of bags/newspaper for packing, be willing to take offers. Furniture is hard to sell because it's big and people have to get it loaded up and take it home. People don't want sets of dishes anymore. Fabric has always done well for me. Holiday items didn't sell as well as I thought they might. Books have always done well for us.

We've had many sales, made decent amounts of money a few times and vowed we'd never do it again! (Sorry). A few years ago we had a sale, had MANY people walk through, had really good prices and people were looking for specific things like collectibles of certain things like matchbox cars or Barbie or Star Wars. The first day, always, we've had dealers swoop in right away and take anything that could be put into a flea market or antique mall. When the weekend came, it was families looking for usable items (so that's good). But when it gets to the point you have good turnout and good prices and only make a couple hundred dollars, it's not worth it for us anymore. It's a lot of work to get it all organized. I've mostly seen nice people at my sales. I don't have any memories of anyone trying to rip me off or take anything. But I do sit where I can see everything/everyone. Kids are cute when they come and have their own money.

Have fun! And good luck to you!
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My best friend who lives in Oregon is trying to get stuff ready for a garage sale including fabric. Thanks for the post. She is a member here but I am sending her all this info.
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