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Default Knittng or crocheted

My 10 year old granddaughter wants to learn to knit and crochet. Is one easier to learn than the other. Can you suggest a good book? She writes left handed, but does everything else right handed. I am right handed, so hope I can teach her
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I suggest crocheting, it goes quicker
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I also suggest crocheting, keeping up with 2 needles is difficult for a beginner. I taught my granddaughter crocheting there are several free patterns on the net.
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​Definately crocheting is easier then knitting.
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Crocheting is pretty easy to learn and easy to rip out when you make a mistake. Youtube has lots of videos which would probably be easier for her than a book. That said, I taught myself to crochet from a book back in the ancient times before Youtube and it wasn't hard at all.
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YouTube is your friend. How to Crochet brings up many very good videos. How to knit has many wonderful videos. I would watch some of the videos with her and see what she might want to make. Knowing she will have something she will like when she completes the project could be the thing that keeps her interest.

I know how to crochet, learned before I was 6 from my grandmother, but can't seem to wrap my head around knitting. Now that you have brought up this question, I may go look for my knitting needles, thread and start watching some videos.
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I learned to crochet about 2 years ago, and learned to knit this summer (socks only). Crochet is definitely easier when you make a mistake. You can just pull on the yarn and go back as far as you need to. With knitting, it's much more difficult (at least for me).

However, very young people can learn how to knit (my mom was 12 when she learned to knit, and she promptly taught her four-year-old sister!) My mom did not learn to crochet until she was an adult and taught herself.

I'd see what types of things she wants to create. I had two goals: learn to crochet a granny square, and learn to knit socks. So far, that is all I've done with either craft (when I crochet a blanket, I just crochet one huge granny square, but I can do a plain granny square or a solid granny square).

The crochet projects do go a lot faster though, especially if you use a big yarn.

For crochet, my mom showed me how to make a chain, and I used youtube to learn the rest. For knitting, I sat by my mom and she showed me how to knit and purl a few short rows, and then threw me right onto the socks. I had her show me each step, while I took very careful notes for myself, and then also got the pattern from her. I had to have her show me a few things a couple times, and she had to fix a few of my mistakes on my first sock, but after that, I was able to start figuring out how to fix my mistakes myself (and "just pull on the yarn back to your screw up" was something I learned very quickly not to do after the first time I tried it!)

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You mentioned that your granddaughter is left handed - so am I.

As you are right handed you may find it helpful to use a book that demonstrates left handed crocheting - or even better a YouTube video.
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I learned to knit in Home Ec about a million years ago. One student was left handed and I remember the teacher sat across the table facing her when she instructed her. I agree crochet is one instrument so may be easier to learn.
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I learned to knit at the YWCA making scarves for WW2 servicemen, 1945 when 10. I learned to crochet a few years later and still do special projects, mostly for grands and greats when those "Itis" boys stay away. I taught a left handed friend to do both by sitting toes to toes and she could follow just fine. Like sitting in front of a mirror.
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