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Looking for a portable carpet cleaner/scrubber for small spots >

Looking for a portable carpet cleaner/scrubber for small spots

Looking for a portable carpet cleaner/scrubber for small spots

Old 10-05-2019, 07:33 AM
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Default Looking for a portable carpet cleaner/scrubber for small spots

Well, I have a new little kitten that likes to investigate most everything. The other day she decided to check out the rocks in the bottom of a plant tray bringing them out onto a white carpet to play with. Yep, you guessed it, they were wet and had been sitting in muddy water so now I have dark spots on my white/off white carpet. Then to get even better she jumped into a small tree on a stand and started to take it apart, again leaving leaves and dark wet spots on my carpet. Luckily she didn't tip the stand over which would have made a large stain on my carpet. I've since gotten rid of the plants to just rid myself of the stress but I still need to deal with the dark spots on my carpet. This is in a spare bedroom as I wouldn't have ever put light colored carpet otherwise, it came with the house. So now I'm in search of a good portable carpet scrubber, preferably lightweight, mobil but if someone has a standup model that works great for them, please make the suggestion. Went searching online as well as Walmart and I prefer to ask for what works for others as sometimes the reviews only tell one side of the story. So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Old 10-05-2019, 07:43 AM
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Having had both cats and dogs and living with light carpet in a few places, do try Folex carpet cleaner, I find it amazing on just about any stain and thus I have avoided having to buy another bulky specialty item. Congratulations on your new addition, sounds like she will keep you busy!
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Old 10-05-2019, 08:05 AM
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For this one off problem, I would consider renting one if you are set on a big unit. I have a Hoover that is at least 10 years old. It's good, but my daughter used it and said that she could get her carpet clean in half the time with one of the rental units. I like having my own because when I get in the mood to clean the carpets, I want to do it NOW. It works for me. It is astonishing how much dirt it gets out of my carpets. I would pre-treat before you start, because none of them will get it all out without some work up front. I have used one of the car carpet cleaner products with the brush built into the top of the can. It worked really good, but then the rest of the carpet needed cleaning after I finished. Darn! Still had to clean the whole room.
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If they are smaller stains, I would try Spot-Shot spray/aerosol cleaner. This has worked on every spot/stain I have ever needed to clean up. DH has very little sensation in his feet, and recently stepped on a nail. It came up, through his boot, and was cutting into his foot with each step. He took his boot off, and walked all over the house, bleeding as he went. He then sat down, and left quite a puddle! I came home, and started freaking out by all the blood all over! Once I figured out what had happened, (he had no clue he was bleeding) I started with water and towels, soaking it up, them sprayed the Spot Shot on, scrubbed a bit more, and every spot came out. I've used it on mud, motor oil, red wine, red koolaid, and soda, you name it. Might be worth a try before spending money on a cleaning unit.
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Old 10-05-2019, 11:37 PM
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Having 8 toy poodles at one time, & an old 2 story house, I needed a carpet machine that was easy to carry around & use. I also have a big floor model, but the hand carry smaller ones do great for spots. Check the Bissell portable spot machines. The ones with 2 tanks. Walmart would have the cheapest price I think. I've used these for many years.
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Old 10-06-2019, 04:05 AM
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I have a Bissell portable carpet cleaner, I've had it for years but I got it at Walmart. Do not get a cordless one, they don't have as much power as the corded ones. Plus if I have a spill I need to clean it asap, no time to wait until the cleaner is charged.
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Old 10-06-2019, 04:10 AM
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We have almost white carpet that is close to 30 years old now and looks close to new. It has had everything that grand children can spill on it to mud from out dirt road. I have yet to find a machine that will clean the stains. I keep it looking like new 2 ways. #1 No shoes. #2. Clean all stains from the newest to ones that got missed and were older using oxyclean! I have tried just every thing I can think of on one small milk stain that came from a baby bottle. No luck for the longest time. I just now, in the last week been able to finally get it out! I used portable hand machines that I rented, my home Bissell carpet cleaner and scrubbed with a variety of different cleaners on my hands and knees. So now the carpet again looks as close to new as it did the day it was laid. Unfortunately I have yet to find a better way with stains than to just get down on the floor and scrub till it comes out.
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I have a Spot Bot. Works great. Not sure they are still produced.
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Old 10-07-2019, 06:13 AM
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Been checking out the Bissell portable scrubbers, the ones with the 2 tanks and corded. When I bought this house it had off white carpet from the front door and thru the diningroom and livingroom as well going up the stairs. I pulled it all up but not in the upstairs hallway or 2 front bedrooms. My mistake. Only put carpet in the livingroom and kept the wood floors in the hallway and the diningroom as they were in good shape. Between my mother when she lived with me and now the kitten, they've done a job on the carpets upstairs, whatever my mother used to try to get her stain up has now set it in for life. Had a carpet cleaner come in and he couldn't get it out either but at least its more faded these days. Still deciding on which of the Bissell portable scrubber to get but will need to decide by the end of the month as I will start having company coming in for the next 3 months off and on. Have removed the plants so the kitten is no longer tempted to make more messes for me. Thanks all for your suggestions.
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Old 10-07-2019, 06:42 AM
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I have a Bissell small Green Machine. It's a small portable carpet cleaner. I haven't used it in years since we have had hardwood floors. But it did the job. I don't know if it's still available or not.
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