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Default New Machine Advice

I should preface this by saying that I am a Vintage Sewing Machine owner. I have 3. I have a newly restored featherweight that I piece on, a Model 66-16 I quilt on and do anything that involves a walking foot, hot pads, oven mitts, yada yada yada.

Well, recently I had a Singer 1425 follow me home and it's really not the machine for me. It's going to need quite a bit of work I'm afraid.

I wasn't in the market for a new machine. My little Janome is 10 years old and after a couple major breaks, is not going to be worth fixing compared to replacing her. I casually mentioned to hubby I no longer have a machine that does zig zag or blanket stitch or anything.

I believe "Santa and his elves", my darling hubby and my 3 little boys were looking at a Singer 5540. I've read the reviews and it seems the people who really like it, LOVED it and the people who had problems with it HATED it. I do not want embroidery or machine quilting or anything like that. The only thing I would use this machine for is applique or some decorative stitching on finished tops, no quilting.

What do you guys think? I cannot turn down a sewing machine, but don't want to get a junk one either.

Thanks in advance.

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Do you have a link to the machine? I couldn't find it online anywhere.

Personally, I would discourage your elves from buying any modern Singer. The vintage Singer machines are great, but the newer ones can be terrible (especially prone to tension issues, I think). In this price range, I would steer them to a Brother instead. Walmart online carries both, but the Brother machines have a much better reputation. (If they buy the machine from Walmart, it is easy to return and get the machine you want. Dealerships vary, in that quite a few will not take a machine back even if it is still in the box unless you upgrade.)
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I have to agree with Prism99. I wouldn't buy a new Singer, regardless of what the price was.
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I appreciate the advice ladies. I only hesitated on the brother as one of those cheap walmart brother's was my first machine and I outgrew it quickly. Good thing I only want it for small things. I went to my old sewing machine guy and just do not understand cams and all this other junk to get decorative stitches from a vintage machine or I would have just gone that way. We'll see what the boys do.
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I would stay away from the singer, but that is just me I guess. I would buy a Brother, I recently bought a Brother at Costco for classes, very light weight and really nice machine.
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I have a Viking Sapphire 830 and love it. The best feature is the auto foot lift when in needle down mode. It just lifts enough to slide the fabric under the foot. Great for chain piecing and aplique. It also has 10 inchs of space from needle to throat.
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I love my brothers also, maybe a brother PC-420 is a nice all around model with good feature.
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I don't know how true this is, but I talked to an OSMG who told me Singer hasn't manufactured a sewing machine in several years. He said Janome makes them now and the quality is much better.
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This VERY much surprises me. I have not heard this and I am on MANY sewing machine groups. Singer has been owned by a holding company, SVP, for years, NOT Janome.

I you want a ZZ machine I would look for a Kenmore from the late 60s-mid 70s. Most are all steel (check inside to be sure). I love my 148.1560 and it has a free arm too. Usually these can be bought for $50 or less.

Originally Posted by lovelyl View Post
I don't know how true this is, but I talked to an OSMG who told me Singer hasn't manufactured a sewing machine in several years. He said Janome makes them now and the quality is much better.
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I suspect Singer would love to have the rumor out that Janome makes their machines! NOT. Janome does not make Singer machines. I would strongly suggest that you look at the Janome line. There are numerous machines that will not break the bank that will do all the things you need. If you quilt a lot and have the budget, the 6600 is a real workhorse. The new 8900 is also a gem. I have owned Janomes for decades. They make quality machines for a reasonable price. Make a list of your needs and go shopping on line to look at everything. Brubakers in Holland PA are a dream to work with. is another source for all kinds of machines and the Janomes. If you want the auto thread cutter, great for piecing, the 3160 is a great little machine. If you are looking for a machine that will handle all kinds of quilting, the 6600 has everything. If you want to spend several thousand plus, the 8900 would be my choice. So, your needs, and budget will tell you which one is best. Quality and durability should prevail in your search. Best wishes in your quest. Diana
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