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I love te Olympics but donot like when they post on your Yahoo homepage the results before you can see it. Also with the news, they just spoil the fun.

Now my HUGE peeve about the Olympics, well not the Olympics but the uniforms Ralph Loren did for them...the ugliest I have every seen and just where does he show the colors of our coountry? At the closing ceremonies I asked my DH now just where does that say USA? Oh yes on the hat a tiny very tiny patch that just said USA. the only uniforms that were truly showed that this was an American were the ones Nike did! Did you see the wrestling ones, they were great!

And they are going to let him do it again next time? I sure hope they vote that out...get rid of that huge pony logo of his...for heavens sake this is our American team not his!

Off my block now and back on my spot...lol
Totally agree with all of this.