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Definitely go with stainless steel. Look for layered, heavy bottoms and things just won't burn or stick even without that teflon stuff. Copper inside is a good conductor of heat.
Check out KitchenAid but be sure to go top end.
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Definitely Stainless Steel and when cleaning if you find it has stained or has a difficult place to clean, a little baking soda and water will fix it right up and have it shining again!
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Don't buy a set. Buy the size you use the most separate and get a quality one. The other sizes you won't use as much you can spend less for. I love Le Creuset, it's heavy but it will last many lifetimes. Wearever makes the best non stick skillets that don't cost a fortune and will last as long as the expensive ones. The only thing to remember about non stick is not to use for high temp frying. I have the 'green' skillet and it's safe for high temp. but it's very thin and warped after a few uses. Be sure at least one pot has triple layers in the sides as well as the bottom.
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I have the weirdest looking stainless skillet ever. It was in the oven when I turned on the self cleaning. DD forgot she left it in there. Ha! it's ugly but nothing sticks to that skillet, nothing.
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I actually bought the cookware line from Pampered Chef about 8yrs ago. I wanted them so bad that I kept having parties. I eventually got them for half price. They were still looking fabulous and nothing stuck to them! I now have to get new stuff since we basically lost everything in the fire. I will be watching this thread for ideas! I may justt have to buy another set if I can get a good price..I'm cheap.
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Originally Posted by Lisanne
I too am interested in hearing about good brands of cookware. And I want only stainless steel or stainless steel/copper.

No anodized aluminum, no Teflon or other synthetic stuff.

I looked up SaladMaster. Two concerns:
1. They talk about titanium cookware. I can't tell whether they've replaced their stainless steel with titanium-containing metal or whether they still have a stainless steel line.

2. Looks like you have to buy from an independent dealer like a Tupperware-typedealer, rather than from a store?

And they look quite pricey.
I can't respond to the first question except to say that I found a six inch Saladmaster skillet at a flea market. It had been in a house fire and really looked rough. Since Saladmaster has a lifetime guarantee, I sent it in for replacement. The new one is identical to my 41 year old set. Nothing sticks, it doesn't require extra oil or water to cook, and I think you'd have to make a concerted effort to burn something.
As for item #2 on your response...I did buy mine from an independent source (party) but have since found retail sources online. They're always very helpful and fast.

They are pricey, but you will never, ever, have to replace them.
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adrian's mom - were you unable to rescue any of your Pampered Chef? If so, you might be able to contact them regarding replacement. I know their knives and stoneware are great...already had pots & pans.
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I love my stainless steel set--Kirkland brand from Costco. Just heavy enough and no problems with stuff sticking or burning.
Just a note: if you have a glass cook top, don't buy copper-clad bottom cookware. It will ruin your cook top.
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I just use odds and ends. But I do like my Wearever frying pans.
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My mom gave me a set like this over 25 years ago: http://www.amazon.com/Farberware-Cla...9811138&sr=8-1

She also gave me her set a few years ago which was even older. I can't tell the difference between the oldest and older sets. They are the best pans.

I also have a cast iron skillet that is ancient. I would never part with that pan!
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