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Default Pots and Pans

I have some copper-bottomed Revereware pots and pans that I bought in the early 1990s. Wow, it really shocked me when I realized they're over 20 years old - how time flies!

I really hate to replace them, because they're in fine shape, but it looks like the insides have worn down to the copper. They still cook just fine, but I'm worried about the copper leaching into the food and into me. High copper levels in the blood can cause health problems, and I don't need more of those!

Any recommends? The company that makes Revereware is gone, and I'm not willing to buy refurbished or replicas via the web. Definitely NO non-stick and NO aluminum cookware for me. I'd like to stay with stainless steel, copper-bottomed pots but would consider all-stainless. I've been shopping around and haven't liked anything I've seen. The ones I'm seeing all have odd, clunky, uncomfortable handles.

I bought a saucepan at Wegman's (upscale East Coast supermarket chain with a full section of kitchen supplies) to try it out. I like the pot well enough, except that the handle is so long and heavy, the pot tips over. Talk about hazardous!

I've been to Macy's, Bed Bath & Beyond, JC Penney, Target and Wal-mart. I guess I'm hoping there's a lesser-known brand out there, or I may end up at the dollar store getting nameless Third World pots.

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Cuisinart puts out a nice copper/stainless steel, pot/pan. I've had mine 12 years and nothing has worn through yet. They are heavily used everyday.
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Stay away from those nameless, third-world pots. They may be made with nameless third-world metals.
Flea markets and thrift stores may be a better source for good, old-time pots and pans.
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I recieved Reverware cook wear for Wedding gifts over 42 years ago still use them no inside were so far and I use them for every meal. Have no Idea what I'd replace them with.
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I love Le Creuset cast iron enamel. Pricey but so worth it. Some of their pots are not cast iron and they are great too. Good luck.
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I only have the big pot and I love it! I'm not sure at this age my wrists can handle a whole set.
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Mine are still going strong! I would look at Calphalon. I don't bother looking into celebrity brands like Emeril or Paula Deen. Gimme Farberware, revereware or Calphalon.
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I take this recommendation back. I see they don't make them anymore.
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Wow, I have Revereware from 1950 and no sign of the steel wearing out, although the copper is worn so that the insignia disappeared. I guess they made it much more cheaply in the 1990's. I am kind of shocked.

I would haunt thrift shops in search of vintage revereware or Farberware.

ETA - if that was my pots I would be writing the company. Can't hurt. I think they are still in business, maybe merged with Corningware?
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just make sure what ever brand you buy isn't made in China. and that it will be safe to use on your cook top.
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