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Family members have really liked Emerilware from Home shopping Network. They don't seem so heavy that they will bust your wrist, but they do seem heavyweight. With the exception of 1 frypan, all my stuff was either Wearever from the 1930s or is cast iron. One of these days, I might actually get a matching set, but I also am not a big fan of non-stick except for very limited purposes.

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Le Creuset and All- Clad for me. I bought my first Le Creuset skillet for the same price of whole sets of other cookware back in the 70's when I was first married. DH thought I was foolish to buy one skillet when I could buy a whole set. I cooked everything in that skillet even baked in it. I'm still using the skillet. I started buying individual pieces of LeCreuset and All-Clad to fit my my cooking needs. I haven't needed a new pot or pan since.

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I traded in my Revere wear for Circulon and love my new pots. Got them on Overstock reasonable.
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Have some from early 60's and they're still going strong. Are you sure you are seeing copper or just stained insides, as there is no copper in there? It would mean you are all the way through the bottom of the pot. I found some at a flea market 2 yrs. ago....Lucky Me!!!!
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My DIL loves the name brands. Just got Rachel Ray and last year got Paula Deen. She has, I know for sure, 5 sets of pots and pans and swears by them all. And yes, she cooks constantly.
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Go on line and look up Revere Ware. There is a link. Revere ware is guaranteed for 25 years. Yes, they will replace
a worn pot. I had a frying pan replaced by Revere last year. They were nice and helpful with the replacement.
I have several pots that were my parents purchased in the 50's. I still use them.
I would not buy those cheap pots, not sure of what they are of.
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The company that makes Revereware is gone?? How disappointing. I've had mine for 25 years, use them exclusively, and fortunately they're still in great shape. Can't imagine how the pan is wearing throught to the copper, thought the handles would wear first.
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I have a set of Cordon Bleu cookware that I got from my
second husband in 1990. At the time this cookware cost
They are pretty heavy, but I love them. Although I do not
think the company is in business anymore.

They are basically known as "waterless" cookware.
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Originally Posted by sewgull
Go on line and look up Revere Ware. There is a link. Revere ware is guaranteed for 25 years. Yes, they will replace a worn pot. I had a frying pan replaced by Revere last year. They were nice and helpful with the replacement.
I did go online, and the links are for something called World Kitchen, which says:
"The Revere® cookware brand is now owned by World Kitchen, LLC. World Kitchen, LLC and its affiliates manufacture and market bakeware, dinnerware, kitchen and household tools, rangetop cookware and cutlery products sold under well-known and trusted brands including CorningWare®, Pyrex®, Corelle®, Revere®, EKCO®, Baker’s Secret®, Magnalite®, Chicago Cutlery®, and OLFA®."

The thing is, I want to be sure these are made in the US. I read somewhere that they no longer are, and the quality has changed, too. I'll call their toll-free number in the morning.

By the way, someone was surprised mine had worn down. Mine were a grocery store special promotion, like $5 for each pot and pan. So maybe they were a lower quality, but they've been great all these years. Yes, it definitely looks like copper in the rounded corners where the inside bottom of the pan and pot meets the sides. (My smaller pot is fine.)
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I agree with others- Stay away from anything made in China, you never know what you will get now days, I would hate for you to get anything with lead in it .........

I loveeeeeeeeeee to cook, I have a huge selection of Lodge cast iron that I use for frying and baking and is what I use 95% of the time , A set of Emeril ware that is good for saute and sauces etc....' easy to clean with bartenders keeper to keep them looking new, good balance not too heavy. I have a awesome set of Swiss cookware that I have not opened yet that I got last year for Christmas but I don't have room for, but I do have a small fry pan that I use a lot, this is a non stick but a lifetime warranty and they claim the non stick will never scratch etc....... .
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