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My two cents....Good cast iron, well seasoned is fantastic. You can clean them using kosher salt, about a tablespoon, wipe it around with a paper towel and get off the 3-D stuff... Won't hurt your seasoning... Also, All-Clad, I bought a set several years ago. It cooks and cleans like a dream. Best cleaner for it, and other aluminum or stainless- Bar Keepers Friend. Find it near the Comet or Bon Ami. It takes off all the crud and leaves a beautiful shine. My All-Clad came with that recommendation....
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We grew up with a great set of Revereware pots in my mom's kitchen and they cooked like a dream. So when we were first married in '83 we bought a set too. Immediately it became clear that this was not the same pot they used to make. Much thinner metal! So they dented and wore out very quickly. It's great that yours have lasted so long.
We switched to a wonderful Cuisinart set that was on sale half off - great pans! My advice to you is to buy the best quality you can afford. Look at the gauge of the stainless steel and at what the bottom is made out of. Is there some sort of core sandwiched between the steel? Better heat conduction and thicker metal makes for better pans. And, like you said, the pot needs to be well balanced. Maybe you can catch some great pans at the end of year sales.
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Mine are from Penney's and were a wedding gift 50 years ago (Dec. 1961) . I still use them every day and no sign of ware on the inside. I would try estate sales. The old ones were the best!
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Originally Posted by DebraK View Post
Cuisinart puts out a nice copper/stainless steel, pot/pan. I've had mine 12 years and nothing has worn through yet. They are heavily used everyday.
I second this. love the brand.
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I received my Revere Pots for my engagement shower 54 years ago and they are just fine inside and out. Have a Calphalon set which was given to me for Christmas three years ago, which I just love. So easy to clean.
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I have a set of Emeril Stainless from AllClad and love them. They have a glass lid so I can keep an eye on the innards. I wash them by hand using Bar Keeper's Friend and they look beautiful. Got mine with a 20% off soupon at Bed Bath & Beyond. They have a nice selection to compare.

If I had to do it again, I would get "green" pans. Not entirely sure what they are coated with but it doesn't flake off and uses little or no oil.
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Macy's has pots and pans on sale - plus an extra 10% off AND free shipping. I got my stainless set from Macy's about ten years ago and they still look like new.

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i used to use copco porcelain-covered pots and pans but they got too heavy for me. (i have the rachel ray covered casserole and it weighs a ton, but it makes the best rice. $15 at Costco - lime green) now i use cuisinart on sale from macy's basement when they have a coupon sale, but when i've used other good heavyweight, 18/10 stainless triple-bottomed pans in other people's kitchens i think they're as good as mine. i don't think i'd spend as much again. my daughter got farberwear 16 years ago as a wedding gift. she wouldn't have chosen it, but it's given very good service.
if you like the pieces to be matchy-matchy, make sure that you choose a brand that has what you need. and my personal advice is not to buy a set, but only the pieces you really use and a matching teakettle.

edit: a lot of covers can't go into the oven unless you unscrew the knob. i don't know it that's important to you.
the rachel ray casserole cover can't go into the oven because it has a rubber bottom on the knob.

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All-Clad makes a good stainless pot. I have several and love them.
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I love my Revere Ware. Amazon has some here: http://www.amazon.com/Revere-1400-Li...5305613&sr=8-2
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