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meanmom 08-12-2014 04:58 AM

I saw the dr yesterday. He said some people get kidney stones, some don't. Not a whole lot you can do to prevent them. He said drink lots of water with lemon. My dad and brother both get them too.
I have been behaving myself eating the past week. I went to put on my favorite shorts yesterday. They are elastic waist and I haven't worn them in a couple of weeks. OMG I could barely get them on. I was horrified. On closer examination I realized they aren't even my shorts. Not sure whose they are as I have never seen them before and no one has been here that they would belong to. Nothing like giving myself a heart attack.
My quilt guild dinner is tonight. It is our annual potluck. I was thinking of taking a dish made with zucchini. It is zucchini ribbons instead of pasta. I am going to make some for lunch and if it is good I will make some for dinner. We have so many zucchini!

KalamaQuilts 08-12-2014 06:00 AM

Oh, too funny...one of life's little jokes ;)
my laundry room is across from mom's bathroom and one night (dementia patients 'shop' in the night) mom put on a pair of Rob's shorts. It was 2 days before she'd give them up. This is kind of off color, but I asked Rob if any of his friends mother's in law had been in their shorts.

Holy cow did I go off the rails late yesterday. 2 doughnuts I bought for mom, 6 cookies, 2 Lindt truffles, 2 mini reeces cups. And I don't even like those...and popcorn for dinner.

Ok...fessed up. Have already walked and am at 4K steps. Have 3 of my waters in
Hey, that is another of my little mind tricks. I drink hot water in a big mug. It goes down a lot easier than cold water and I like my hot drinks hot so get it down my neck pretty rapidly.

the 301A in the cabinet I got is going to a member in Twin Falls Idaho, I'm so tickled. She is in much the same boat as me, a long line of enormous stresses. she is bartering with 30's reproductions.

I think this makes me officially off the fabric wagon I've been on since 2001. donated shirts are still fabric incoming :) as is bartered fabric. I'm thinking I would have been basically out of fabric by 2016 so I think it's ok.

I've had another thread deleted...so won't say what my next hand project is...but it's huge :)

bjsmith57 08-12-2014 06:40 AM

Just checking in - - I had to have emergency appendicitis surgery - - I will be recovering for the next 4-6 weeks.

Pam H 08-12-2014 08:10 AM

Pat, maybe you brought the shorts back with you from Hilton Head. That's a funny story. I have pinned a couple of recipes with the zucchini noodles (zoodles!). Do you have one of those fancy appliances to make them? I have a little gadget that makes spiral cuts that I think would work. Wish I had some of your zucchini!
KQ, I've been almost as bad as you with the sweets. Yesterday 1 doughnut, 4 cookies and a few pieces of twizzlers. I will be better today! You have not bought fabric since 2001? Wow! All that I have, I have bought since 2008 when I started quilting. Although I haven't gotten much in the last 2 years except when stores are going out of business.
BJ, I hope you heal quickly.
My sewing room is in a shambles. I had to clear off my counter top since I gave it to my daughter for her craft room. All that stuff is in tubs. Everything is moved around to let carpenters get to the window to put up new trim. I'm trying to find a table top that will work for a new cutting table. I plan to order several book shelves from Ikea to get everything organized. Wish I could just snap my fingers and have it the way I want it.

KalamaQuilts 08-12-2014 11:42 AM

quick recover bj, been there done that, don't envy at all :)

CindyA 08-12-2014 09:53 PM

Heal fast, bjsmith, sorry this happened but glad you're ok now.

Sounds like I'm not the only one struggling right now. We need to get back to good habits!! Why is it so much harder to get started than it is to get on the wrong path???

Do you all have Corner Bakery? I went there for dinner. I had planned on a salad and got there and had a chicken panini and tomato soup combo. The soup was not the creamy style and I'm wondering if that is what's giving me heartburn now. Plus, I had a large tea. Big mistake, that is keeping me up tonight. :thumbdown: Too bad I don't have enough energy to quilt if I'm awake anyway.

I've got to start eating better again. I feel bad and the dr just told me she wants me to drop 40 lbs. It's been so long since I've been at the appropriate weight I had to ask her what my goal should be. I was able to add a few lbs to my old 'normal' due to age. Yay. ;)

nlc14 08-13-2014 06:21 AM

Originally Posted by CindyA (Post 6842813)
Sounds like I'm not the only one struggling right now. We need to get back to good habits!! Why is it so much harder to get started than it is to get on the wrong path???

If it makes you feel better, I stayed up until midnight drinking wine and eating popcorn. And of course today I feel tired and want to eat greasy food. Oh well. Better luck next time. I am down almost 3 pounds which I guess is good, but it's not as much as I had hoped.

meanmom 08-13-2014 07:34 AM

I have the following ladies signed up for August.
If I have missed anyone please let me know.

meanmom 08-13-2014 07:37 AM

I have received FQ from the following:
I think I have missed someone on the FQ as I have one more FQ than names. So please let me know if I missed you.
I am making raspberry jam today. Our raspberries are getting ripe. This is my favorite fruit. I am eating tons. I made 10 jars a couple of days ago and have 10 more today.

irishrose 08-13-2014 09:50 AM

Hi, everyone. I am a the library again. I need to get my computer fixed. I finished the circle quilt, but when I went to take a picture, my camera wouldn't work. I used my phone, but have never tried to transfer a picture. I will when I get my own computer running again.

Pam, I have two GSs who vomit if they cry hard. At 24 and 12, it's not an issue, but it sure was when they were young.

Still don't know what I weigh as I can't stand on the scales without the big boot on. 8 weeks down and 3 to go. My son bought me a three wheeler for Christmas, but it just arrived. It's a learning curve - it tilts when the street tilts, but it has been fun to get out and about. I am keeping one bike. I think I prefer a bike to 3 wheels.

Hope y'all have a good month.

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