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silverfoxmag 08-13-2014 10:56 AM

Originally Posted by meanmom (Post 6843314)
I have the following ladies signed up for August.
If I have missed anyone please let me know.

Pat you have me signed up for August but I've decided that this month would be my maintain month, will sign up again for September. Wishing all of you GOOD LUCK for August. Will let you know if I do maintain at the end of the month. Wish me luck.

Pam H 08-13-2014 02:42 PM

Your extra fq is was from me. Guess I should start putting my name on them!

meanmom 08-13-2014 03:13 PM

Pam I wondered if it was from you. It was my screw up. I just put the FQ away and forget to check your name off of the list. I also have a FQ from Sewbeit.

KalamaQuilts 08-13-2014 04:14 PM

Hey, everyone has tried Steamers frozen vegetables, right? They are SOO good. I just ate 3/4 of a bag, a large soup bowl serving. Broc and Cauli topped with spritzs of I Can't Believe Its Butter.

We are getting fresh string beans from the garden now, steamed about 20 minutes and again topped with ICBIB.
As I said in eariler months, because my mom takes a lot of time and all my brainpower, I've been paper piecing.
First I did 4.5" strings. Just strings...no brainpower required. Well they were pretty cute so I got a foundation factory wonky download and made tons of 2.5" geese. Pretty darn cute.
So I tried some wonky stars...way too complicated right now.
So I tried a 4.5" wonky house. Too cute. If I life to tell the tale I think I have the bones of a really cute quilt.
This is all shirt fabric from the ladies here on the board. When I get a few more houses finished I take a photo of what I've got.
I'm saving paper pulling for whenever bonnie hunter has her next quilt cam.

Steamed veggies...yum!
The first house we bought had a big garden. We moved in in late September so nothing was left but these ferny things. We tilled them under...an asparagus bed. that was 30 years ago and I'm still kicking myself

CindyA 08-14-2014 10:35 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Kalama, I think next quiltcam will be next week. Did you do last year's mystery? It's the first one of hers that I've done. I used all scraps, yet I can't tell that I've touched my stash. Still need to get the borders on.
Attachment 487639

Sitting here enjoying some fresh fruit I cut up. So juicy! Meanmom, your raspberries sound wonderful!

Pam H 08-14-2014 11:17 AM

Wow, Cindy!! I love it!! I think I like your colors even better than Bonnie's. I haven't ever done one of her mystery quilts. She has them at a busy time of the year.

KalamaQuilts 08-14-2014 01:58 PM

I clear my decks and clean my quilt room for Mystery :) but we don't bother with holidays any more so it's a good time for me.
Yes I have all the components done for solstice, and a little bit assembled, but those were the months I first had mother home and they were chaotic and I'm not sure if that is one I'll ever go back to and finish.

She was a junk yard dog all day yesterday, and today is the first day ever she didn't start hollering before she even opened her eyes. Her only 'temper' was pounding her walker up and down the hall but not one complaint, a first.
She has already gone to bed so perhaps she is about to take another dip.

So you don't think it's all bad, she does have days when she is the real Betty, or the old Betty with social buffers in place and is an absolute delight to be with, funny and very sharp and quick. Doesn't happen often enough though, but I will remember those times.

More fresh beans today, yum! I have two doxies and they love veggies. While I was picking I gave one to Xavier ever so often, and then I hear Xing-Xing munching and thought what a smart doggie, he is picking his own. The next handful I turned to put in the bowl...there was Xing-Xing, head in the bowl, cherry picking the best ones :)
I'd be lost without my creatures!

meanmom 08-15-2014 03:00 AM

Cindy I love your quilt. I have never done one of Bonnies mystery quilts. I do have this one printed out but haven't started it yet. My dr put me on a new med on Monday when I was there that should work better for me. OMG I am having an allergic reaction to it. I have never itched so bad in my life. I have had a reaction to a med before but never like this. I called the office at 8:30 yesterday. I called 2 more times and left a message for the nurse. SHe finally returned my call at 12:30. She said she needed to talk to the dr who would be there any minute and would call back within 30 minutes. GRRRRR! I called back at 2:30. She finally called back at 3:30 and called something in for me. My entire body is covered with an itchy rash. The only thing that seems to help is a cold shower ever 1 1/2 hours. I have been taking Benadryl like candy. It doesn't seem to be much better this morning. Needless to say this was my first visit to this dr and it will be my last. I even had to shower in the middle of the night. Headed to the showers again. GRRRRR!

KalamaQuilts 08-15-2014 06:52 AM

Good Gad!

Good Gad! I would surely never take another one. Good Gad...holding you in the pocket of my heart!

Pam H 08-15-2014 02:09 PM

I had a similar reaction to a once a month med for bone density. I reacted to it twice since it must have been time released or something. Both times my skin pealed from head to toe after the itching was gone. Called the doc and she said it could't have been from the med she prescribed. Yeah right. I feel for you, Pat! Have your tried an Aveeno bath? Or oatmeal? Good luck!

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