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CindyA 08-15-2014 04:02 PM

Pat, oh no!!! Hang in there, that is a terrible feeling!

Yes, Bonnie does put the mysteries out at a hectic time of year. I needed another project like another hole in my head, too. :D On the other hand, it was nice thinking about that then letting myself get all worked up over the holidays. Quilting is truly therapy, isn't it? Kalama, even though I had all the parts together it took a long time to put each block together. When I got it done and turned it over it really hit me how many seams are in this thing. I just love Bonnie Hunter, though, so I may try again for this year's mystery. Again, like I need another project. I definitely would use only from my stash again if I decide to do it. What I did with Celtic Solstice was to work on the most recent clue and no matter if I finished it or not I moved on to the next clue when it came out. I have large bags and would just write myself a couple of notes to remind me where to start when I had time to return to it. Seemed to work ok for me.

Will be socializing a lot this weekend. Hope I don't go hog wild. I'm still not doing a good job of getting myself motivated. :(

silverfoxmag 08-16-2014 06:31 AM

Cindy, your quilt is beautiful! Love the movement of the top and the colors are perfect! What is the name of this pattern?

CindyA 08-17-2014 03:45 PM

irishrose, been there done that as far as visiting the library to have computer use. Hope you can get your home one squared away soon so that it is more convenient for you. And, continued progress in your healing.

Meanmom, hope your reaction has cleared up and you are feeling better.

Silverfoxmag, the quilt is Celtic Solstice. It is a Bonnie Hunter quilt. Check out her website, www.quiltville.com and see her blog as well. She'll run another mystery quilt this year, if memory serves she starts releasing clues the day after Thanksgiving and releases a clue every week for maybe 6 weeks. She also has lots of free quilt patterns under one of the tabs on her site.

meanmom 08-17-2014 05:16 PM

My whole body was one solid red rash. At times it itched so much I got goosebumps and chills. I think the combo of Benadryl and Prednisone kept me from sleeping, also the itching. I barely slept for 3 days. I babysat my new granddaughter Friday night. She is such a good baby and a cutie. My brother had us down to his lake house for the weekend. All of my brothers and sisters were there and my mom. It was a really nice time. My mom is 87 and always has to go out on the waverunners. She loves the speed. SHe also likes to drive the boat. A very relaxing weekend.
The rash is a lot better. Still itchy at times. As long as I don't get hot it is pretty good. Hopefully most will be gone in the morning.

Pam H 08-17-2014 07:26 PM

Glad to hear your rash is better, Pat. I hope it is gone in the morning.
I have been on an eating spree and can't seem to stop. I seem to have lost my mojo. It had better come back soon!

CindyA 08-18-2014 03:47 AM

Originally Posted by Pam H (Post 6849151)
Glad to hear your rash is better, Pat. I hope it is gone in the morning.
I have been on an eating spree and can't seem to stop. I seem to have lost my mojo. It had better come back soon!

Me, too, Pam!!! We better find a way to get motivated soon!

I had my follow up to my physical and everything looks good (for the most part). She said to work on 1/2 lb a week and it will be very 'doable' and I won't feel deprived.

Pete 08-18-2014 06:49 AM

I bought a Fitbit once, from Best Buy. Long story short: paid cash, tossed the receipt, it didn't work...Best Buy said sorry - no proof of purchase...no replacement. Next time, save receipt or charge!
See Dr today - do not think I lost. My triglycerides are down but cholesterol and LDL are up since last visit. Also, glucose is 4 points over top. Waiting to see what he will say. Blood work showing losts of inflamation--knew that as I have really been hurting. Still cleaning --- found a GameBoy with 10 games --- forgot I had it. Played Tetras all evening. Meanwhile remember "an instant on the lips -- forever on the hips"

KalamaQuilts 08-18-2014 07:22 AM

good morning ladies!
Got the yard mowing finished, just waiting till I quit sweating before I jump in the shower. Probably more information than you wanted to know :)

Am going to work on hand piecing today, am listening to Stephen King's Dome. Hopefully mother will be pleasant...
hugs to any and all, Sharyn

meanmom 08-18-2014 11:23 AM

I saw the knee dr this morning and he says it looks good. Almost no swelling. He says I only need to wear the brace when I exercise. Yeah! He suggested trying to go without the synvisc injections and see how it goes. He said I can do whatever I want that doesn't hurt. I made many trips up and down a steep hill to the lake this weekend and it felt good. I didn't tell him that I attempted to water ski. I haven't done that in 30 years. I made 3 attempts and almost got up but decided I had better quit.
I am still itchy but a lot better today. I had my 2 grandsons this morning. One is 4 and the other is 1 1/2. SO cute and so much fun. Now I should try to get caught up on laundry etc. I am feeling lazy today. I am making curtains for one of the teachers for her classroom. We got the fabric last week and I just figured out all of the cutting. Hopefully they will go fast. I have a quilt I want to finish up soon. I am debating on rejoining WW. I know I do well there but not sure I feel like going to the meetings. I might try the online version first.
Sharyn I don't need to cut the grass as it has been dry here and it isn't growing. Usually my DH waters it like crazy but he hasn't been this year. I hope your mom is in a good mood today as that can be so stressful.

Purl 08-18-2014 12:59 PM

WaaHoo! First day of our road trip and we are in a beautiful campground just outside of Eagle River WI. It is 64 degrees here and 80 degrees and storming back home. We need to keep ahead of the heat! Looks like there are extensive paths to explore and I'm ready.

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