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Default Robocall scam
Saw this this morning. I do not know anyone who has been caught, and I do not call unknown numbers back. My overseas people would have all of the numbers to reach us. But a warning to be careful of overseas calls.

Happy Day
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Speaking of these hateful robocalls, I had several lately that say they are from Social Security Adm and if I don't call them back right away, they will cancel my SS card!! What a hoot! But, somebody may become nervous and call them... so let's keep everybody safe from this one.
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I absolutely refuse to answer a call from someone who is not in my contact list. If it is important, he/she will leave a voicemail and I will call right back.
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So sad that phones and computers have to be used so defensivley.
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We don't have caller ID on our home phone (just don't want to pay additional). Now, we've started just letting the answering machine take the call. Most times, there is no "message", so I know it's scammers, etc. Such a shame that we are disturbed in our home with unwanted interruptions and solicitations. Once you turn 65, the calls increase with all the offers of "the back brace you ordered", "you or someone in your household is suffering from chronic pain", "You pay alot of money for your PC and the technical support you have not used", "your IP address has been compromised, please call immediately", "Your SSN is going to be cancelled unless you call imediately", etc. Yesterday, the recording actually told me "don't hang up"! ! ! Now, we are getting orders from strangers!?!? Of course, I hung up! All I want to do is sew and not have to listen to that phone ring with yet another interruption! Seems like if those poor folks whose job it is to "work" at these scams would turn their talents and efforts to something meaningful, we'd all be better off. (Good, now my weekly venting is completed)! Have a good sewing day everyone!
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I had a call last week from "Publisher's Clearing House- I did a reverse search on the came from outside the U.S. I hung up on the guy, but wish I'd stayed connected long enough to learn what the scam was.

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We do not have a land line anymore we just use our cell phones, both husband and I keep our phone on do not disturb and if you are not in our contacts you will not get thru. Best move we ever made. It is amazing how many scam calls come thru as local numbers now. I figure if they don’t leave a message it is not important.
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Only a very few people we know could be calling us. Their name and number will show up on caller I.D. I pick up the phone and hang it back up.

If the answering machine answers the call then they will keep calling. As they know it is a working number.

When I bought the phone years ago it came with those two options. We don't pay for either one.
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I kept getting calls from Australia. I never answered but it showed on my phone. Australia??

I remember when we got rid of our land line and cell phones didn't have the annoying calls. Those were the days!
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Amen to that!

I remember when we got rid of our land line and cell phones didn't have the annoying calls. Those were the days![/QUOTE]
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