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Thread: So I think I want a kindle. What is your experience thoughts?

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    Dec 2010
    Simi Valley, California
    After comparing and researching, we decided on the nook. My DH and I each have one, and our daughter got one for Christmas. She is able to sign on to our B&N account and read any of the books we have downloaded. We can all read the same book at the same time if we desire. We can buy from different sources and also have priviledges at three libraries. The nook is readable in bright sunlight. The battery is changeable at a cost of about $25, far less than the cost of sending the Kindle in to Amazon and paying for a new battery, about $80 from what I have read. The B&N E-reader program is available for free download to a variety of devices and more are being added. If you switch between devices, the book opens to the last page read.

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    Oct 2010
    North Kansas City, MO
    Had Cataract surgery on both eyes a couple of months ago. Final followup yesterday. Ordered the Kindle 3-G from Amazon, (the middle of the 3 versions $164).
    I was an avid reader until about 15 years ago when sight began to fail. Even with glasses, it was difficult to get through a book and finally I just gave up.
    GET THE KINDLE!!!!!!!! I can't believe the difference. I'm devouring the ebooks - However I have to make myself buy the .99-2.99 books - don't want to dip into my fabric money LOL
    My experience is vastly different from Carolyn Vaden, My Kindle came with a charger and there is no charge and I don't have to send it in for anything.
    I also bought my granddaughter a "Nook" for Christmas because that's what she asked for - probably because she and her friends got together and decided they would all ask for the nook:>)
    Carolyn's post here is dated 4 months ago - don't know if I have a new version or not, but it's nothing like she described.
    Go to Amazon.com or Cnet and see what they say.
    Good luck

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    Sep 2010
    Ridgeway, SC
    I love mine but my niece got a refurbised Kindle fire for the cost of a new Kindle 3G. Books range for free to $12 for something new by a well know author. Best part is no Data plan required.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carrie Jo View Post
    I have a color Nook and love it. I had the nook but got a color for valentines day..
    Me too; I have the 3G Nook and then last yr the color was the only thing I really wanted for Christmas. I love it. You can get a lot of downloads for free. The Nook has lots of apps for it; my DGS is addicted to Angry birds on it. I love the organizer on it. Love that I can read in any light and so many other reasons why I love it including but not limited to the fact that I can walk into the B&N store when I need help and don't have to deal with people over the phone or internet to get help. It's hard to get an estimate on downloading because you can find a lot for free. I get magazines sometimes and like that I can order the subscription but then cancel after a few months quit if i don't want it any longer and I'm not paying for a whole yr of unread editions. It's pro-rated for the month. I have lots of free books for the little ones too; some are set so they read to the child or the child can read them. I can listen to Pandora radio on it and so much more.

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    Jun 2010
    Ten Mile, Tennessee
    I have had my 3G Kindle for three years and I love it! I have downloaded tons of book and can read it in bright sunlight. I use a small light at night. I have also increased the size of the font that works perfectly for me. With the 3G feature, I can sit on the beach and order a new book.

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    I have the Kindle keyboard and can get library books. also from pixel of ink free ones, amazon too. i made the font size a bit larger too. I've been reading actual books lately though and know i will have to charge the batter when i get back to my kindle.sigh.

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    Kindle Fire, it's much like a tablet, wi-fi, e-mail, internet etc. besides the book part !!! My sister has a Nook, in my opinon comparing the 2 the Kindle Fire is miles better. I get free books from Pixel Of Ink and Amazon, I have yet to pay for one !!!

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    Dec 2010
    Central Wisconsin
    If you get the nook...you can have up to 5 people under one acct..and everyone shares the books and apps.. so any apps I download on mine for my grandson..downloads on his also. Plus we can archive them to give us more storage space and take off items we don't want on ours. So our acct is shared with my mother, my hubby's mom, plus my daughter-in-law. Works out great... we can read the same book at the same time...or not. BUT we only pay one time, plus we can share for a few weeks with someone not on our acct. We have no issues reading outside with our nook either.

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