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"Thanks" vs "Thank you" and "You are welcome" vs "No problem"

"Thanks" vs "Thank you" and "You are welcome" vs "No problem"

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Originally Posted by Neesie View Post
If anyone has a problem with my 'no problem' response after a doing a him/her favor, that person will have an even bigger problem because it'll probably be the very last favor I do for him/her.

Seriously though, as long as the person speaks from the heart, the words shouldn't matter so much. Why get your britches all bunched, over another person's lack of formality? Are we all so perfect in our speech habits, as to be truly qualified to correct anyone with speech less 'refined' than our own? Even if we are, is it worth hurting the other person's feelings, just for our own inflated egos?
Oh, for the love of . . .

I would not " correct" someone for saying " no problem" after I had thanked him/ her for doing something for me

I agree that sometimes we have to go with the intent of the words rather than the actual words.

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I would take a "thanks" any day.
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My 22 year old daughter is autistic and anytime someone says "Thank you" within her hearing, she immediately corrects them with "Thanks"! I have no idea why she so vehemently insists on this, but I just figure it's one of those "autistic thangs" with her. 😉

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I know times are changing a lot with terminology but I like to be told thank you in a public place when I am a patron. I don't want to be told no problem as if doing their job is a big deal to wait on you. If it wasn't for all us patrons they would have no job. So they definitely should be thanking us. If one of my friends or family did not thank me for something I would not do it again that's for sure. Big pet peeve of mine but it was the way I grew up & you can't teach an old dog new tricks! lol Just this summer we went to a immediate family members wedding. We never got a thank you card or even a phone call thanking us for our gift or everything else we did. So a month after the wedding we contacted them & told them we didn't receive a TY card & wanted to make sure they received the envelope we took to the wedding & all the food I spent all day working on. (I just helped out with food since I was asked to) They informed us they wasn't sending out TY cards. I never heard of such a thing. Fool me once. I'm just glad I didn't make them a quilt because that was what I planned on doing at first. I could go on & on but I won't say anymore. I'm just a little hurt by that.
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As long as there is an honest expression of gratefulness for a gift or kindness, I'm fine with whatever is said.

Life is too short to dwell on how thank you was said.
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Originally Posted by carrieg View Post
'No problem' is the one that bugs me a little. We teach our toddlers to say 'you're welcome', but then we don't say it.
I can't stand it when someone says "no problem"!!!!
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Annette, I believe everyone should send thank you notes after a wedding, especially. I would imagine they had registered at one or two stores, so their attendees who went to the store and bought something on their list need to be thanked. We went to a wedding last summer (2014), and just last month we got a thank you note and an apology for being so late, but this year they were both working on their Master's Degrees, so they have been busy, but they wanted us to know our gift hadn't been forgotten. And I think that was neat.
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Originally Posted by cathyvv View Post
Life is too short to dwell on how thank you was said.
Is it also too short to consider the way we express our gratitude?
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I guess it depends on who you're talking to and level of formality....the word I don't like hearing is "hey" instead of "hi" or "hello". My mom used to always say "hay is for horses and jack-asses, too"...
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I have a major issue with the "no problem" instead of "you are welcome". What has happened to manners?????? If I thank a server for refilling tea or water or what ever, and they answer no problem-----their tip just went way down. Very rude.
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