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This is a great idea, especially since your family is close by. Sounds like fun and still everyone can be safe!
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Same as every other thanksgiving. Staying home with immediate family only. Years ago we stopped doing any kind of holidays with family when my mother in law refused to keep celebrations safe for my food allergic child. She was only 4 or 5 at the time and I had to watch her like a hawk or someone would inevitably offer her something that could kill her. Along with watching my other two because my husband would be busy celebrating with his family. I hated holidays back then. It would have been fine if we could just bring our own food, but they didn't even provide a space for my kids to eat their meal. How fun for a 4/5 yr old to eat standing up. Not to mention my two younger kids. So we stopped going and at first I was sure they would make it safer but they apparently didn't mind us not being there. I LOVE staying home. No pressure, no stress. Love it.
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Originally Posted by lberna View Post
I just checked with our sons. There will be no gathering this year. But, each of us is going to prepare something and deliver a portion to everyone’s house. So, we will have a resemblance of a Thanksgiving dinner but not all together. Luckily we live in the same city. I’m excited.
That is a great idea!! You are lucky that family is close.
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it's official for us--son's family 3+ hrs away who ususally stays with us will stay at home--probably for the better has he's had a massive staph infection that has hospitalized him (out tomorrow) and not working (so no income). DH health too risky for CoVid, especially with cancer treatment going on. So DD & SIL will come out for dinner,we'll run the new air exchangers (pray for nice weather and we'll open windows!) and otherwise just do our thing at home. I will fix turkey dinner as always like that.

hoping that by Christmas vaccines will be available for the extreme risky folks for CoVid--means we could get together for Christmas--or a delayed Christmas at least.
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Stay Home, Stay safe.
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my feeling, if you don't need to be in close contact with others, don't. Better a Zoom thanksgiving than an ICU Christmas.

I'll be home alone eating pizza.
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Originally Posted by ptquilts View Post
if you don't need to be in close contact with others, don't. Better a Zoom Thanksgiving than an ICU Christmas.
(emphasis added by platyhiker)

Well said! We will have a Zoom appetizer session with my parents (nearby) and my brother's family (far away) to have the social aspect of Thanksgiving, and later our little household will have roast chicken dinner with pecan pie for dessert. I've been doing the grocery shopping for my parents since my state got high numbers in the spring, and I'm not going to do things that increase their risk or mine.
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My husband's family lives across the country and we never have celebrated holidays with them, so Covid has not made a difference. They just are not a "Holiday" family so it's all good. My family, on the other hand, all lives within 40 miles of each other and Thanksgiving and Christmas are really big gatherings of 20-25 people. I started dropping hints back in early September that I doubted my husband and I would attend Thanksgiving because I thought the virus situation would be out of control by mid-November. No one in the family agreed with me and I immediately faced a huge backlash. I dug in my heels and refused to budge, but they all insisted that they were going to gather "no matter what the government says." So here we are... a week from the holiday... and the county has outlawed gatherings of 10 or more. One immediate family member has just been released from the hospital because he had Covid complications. His wife is also sick but has not got her test results back. They have two children, one around 16 and one around 28- she has two small kids. So that is 6 people living in that house who most likely are Covid-positive. And they are all coming to Thanksgiving dinner because they will "feel fine" by then., and they will not be told what to do by the government, after all! Arrrgghhh!!! So very glad I am skipping it, but my 78-year old diabetic mother is still thinking about going. I'm terrified for her, but she is stubborn.
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LynnBBQ- that logic floors me. (your relatives, not yours)
I wonder how many people refuse to wear seatbelts? After all, the government stipulates that! Geeeeezzzzzz!
We are staying home as well. It's just too risky.
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I read that even people who are dying of Covid in the hospital are still denying it's real. The delusion is strong with some people.
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