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We had our Canadian Thanksgiving last weekend. We followed our Provincial guidelines, it was just the three of us, my son, my Mum and me at the cottage.

It was quiet, but we stayed safe.

Canada does not have the massive Thanksgiving migration that happens in the US, where family members travel great distances to be together. So there is not the worry about airline travel and close quarters in airports etc.

I can see that Black Friday is going to be very different this year. Or I hope it will be. I cannot imagine the impact on Covid spread if people are gathered en mass to wait for stores to open.
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Rhonda, in my family none of us like the breast meat, we tend to only eat the dark meat. I freeze the breast meat for Butter Chicken/Turkey and casseroles.

We just had our Thanksgiving last weekend. We had a beautiful Prime Rib Roast for dinner on Saturday and on Sunday I cooked a small turkey thigh roast and a very small ham. That gave Mum some turkey, at 86, she likes tradition, my son ham and I had a small amount of each.

This year for Christmas, we are either going away or having lamb.
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It’s taken me 55 years to figure this out to make Thanksgiving cooking go smooth for 23 (including babies).
I roast turkey a day ahead. Take off bones & clean up the mess. Reheat tightly covered with broth.
Ham in crockpot.
Peel potatoes day before, cover with water, set in garage. In morning, drain cover with fresh water & boil.
DD makes stuffing in the crockpot & it’s awesome so she brings it.
This year I cut sweet corn off the cob & froze it so it will be served up too.
Rhodes frozen buns set in pan in refrig. night before, bake in the morning.
Gravy is turkey gravy from a yelllow package sold everywhere.
Might make squash casserole or DIL could bring green bean casserole.
1 pumpkin pie & 1 pan apple crisp with plenty of whipped cream
No salad or just a small one. They don’t eat it.
Paper plates & glasses.
This year I may not be cooking. Who knows at this point.
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We usually spend Thanksgiving with friends since we donít live near family. One family we celebrate has moved but a different family will be joining us since their family isnít getting together this year.
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Just Zoomed with son tonight--things are still basically just up in the air as it's so hard to predict with this pandemic. But we bought a deck heater (and pray for some 70 degree weather that we tend to get about every 3 yrs!) and have an large room disinfector (?? or whatever they are called) on order. And my son says they would have no problem with taking Covid tests before comming down to our house for that weekend. But we'll see----it's our year to have them (not my DIL's mother) so big deal if we don't host--but still have a waiting attitude.
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We put turkey breasts in the roaster. Much easier then a whole turkey and all white meat.
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just the 3 of us and the cat. nice and quiet
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