Those Little Bra Hooks

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Originally Posted by katesnanna View Post
I've used lingerie wash bags for years and have no problems, No more than 3 bras per bag.
I only have three bras - one on, one in the wash and one just in case!!!! Edie
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Originally Posted by b.zang View Post
Sorry to give you the bad news, but bras should be considered hand-wash only. On the bright side, you won't be taking wet bras home from the laundromat.
Why should they be hand washed........

I am not a bra coddled either.......and have not had any probs with hooks getting caught...I don't wear under wires....nor do I have any of the bras that lift and fill.....enough of my own to worry about.......when the hooks/eyes do come undone or bent...just means time to go bra all the colors they come in now.....
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I hook my bras before laundering. I also place them in a mesh laundry bag and wash them and underwear on a gentle setting, then hang them to dry. I find that bras and delicate panties last a long time that way.
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I quit buying the underwires a long time ago. $15.00 max at walmart. takes forever for them to dry in our humidity. Throw in a bag, hooked and on low. I wash in cold on gentle. Dryer low heat for about 25 done.
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I don't buy the padded as I also have enough. But I make sure there's enough so no one can see if the "lights" are on!!
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I have the same mesh bag as Quilty Louise and it's terrific! Line dry always, the heat makes the elasticity stretch out of shape.
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I don't use a lingerie bag but I do hook them and just wash with stuff that's not got any lacy or catchy bits. I need all the support I can get (small back/heavy front) so underwires are a must.....I don't like them at all (nothing worse than underwire breaking free and working it's way out).
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I hook the sides together before they go in the wash. Then hang to dry. easy peasy

from above: I only have three bras - one on, one in the wash and one just in case!!!! Edie

Edie, this was my mothers mantra, which I heard the first day I got bras. Works for me, I still abide by it

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I'm going to start keeping mine hooked too!

Here's a tip on zippers-zip them up before washing and your zippers will never fail again!
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