Uncomfortable at classes

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Default Uncomfortable at classes

I don’t know why I continue to take classes at local quilt shops and quilt events. I often am pleased with my work when I make things by myself and out of love. I do not have an expensive machine nor fancy equipment. Especially at the Quilt shops that sell expensive machines, I often feel taught or surrounded by people that make me feel they are “better” than me. I also feel slower than the others, like it takes me more time to catch on. I feel like there is a race going on. I know it is probably lack of confidence.
I decided I would stop signing up for classes, for it is no fun feeling inadequate when I am at these classes.
I listened to a Podcast by Leah Day who was interviewing Bonnie Hunter. They were saying you don’t need the “best” or top of the line of everything to make wonderful quilts . As long as you can sew a straight line.
I feel that the things that I have loved to do for many years have turned into Big business with an “attitude”.
Am I the only one who feels this way?

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Oh no, you are not! I don't really enjoy classes. Too much distraction for me. And sometimes there is "attitude". Who needs it?
I go at my own pace, enjoying the process- that is most of the time
Keep on keeping on!!!
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I used to.

Now I have a hard time finding a class that I'm willing to spend money on.

As far as I know, most piecing now consists of sewing two pieces of fabric together with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Also, as far as I know, most lock stitches made by different sewing machines look a lot alike. (when the machines are working well) If someone showed me ten (straight line stitching) seams made by different machines, I probably would not be able to say "Oh, that one was sewn by a $10,000 machine and that seam was sewn on a $100 machine.

I would be able to tell you if the tension was okay and the stitches looked nice, but I would not be able to say - for sure - which machine sewed which seam.

Yes, I have been to classes where the other people seemed cliquey.

Is the purpose of attending the class to "learn something new" - or - is the purpose of trying to meet and make new friends?
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You're not alone. Whenever I attended a class, even if it's making a purse, I wasn't as fast as others so I end up taking it home and then don't finish it. They don't seem to give enough time for the class because I assume they think everyone is at the same speed. I never take classes anymore. I, too, enjoy my own sewing room at home.
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I've never taken a class, but I meet up with a quilting group at the Senior Center every chance I can (I'm 38, the oldest is 101!) They are a great group of women, all very helpful, with many different backgrounds. It's fun to just go and share the quilt experience with others, learn new things together (either just new to me, or maybe watching someone else learn something new), and have it be low pressure. Some have some very nice machines, but they also appreciate the simple ones.

Maybe instead of classes there is a group you can find. Then, if you are tempted to try a class again, you may have someone to go with you to make it more enjoyable!
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I find that I much more prefer YouTube tutorials over in-person classes because of the "attitude" .... from teacher and others in the class. I go home with feelings of being back in school where I was never good enough. I agree with bearisgray's statement: "Now I have a hard time finding a class that I'm willing to spend money on."
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​If I want to learn a technique that is unique to the teacher, I will take the class. I don't really pay attention to others in the class but concentrate on my own goals.
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So sorry you are having disappointment in classes. I find them to be a wonderful experience once I decided what I really wanted out of them . Sometimes I am looking to do a particular quilt, sometimes a technique ,sometimes the experience of attending a class from a particular teacher and sometimes to motivate me passed a sticking point. But the best reason for me to attend a class is to go with friends and have a good time! I usually don't even plan to get the project finished, just to learn Something! I have found the most productive classes to be those where I get pre-class cutting instructions so we can start "producing" more quickly.

Another thing I enjoy is "sit and sews" where I bring my own project and work at my pace...no competition but usually good advice, help and encouragement if I need it. You may want to give them a try.
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The kind of classes I like are lectures. No stress or stain; many times handouts are available. If there are not I take notes and pictures if allowed. I don't enjoy toting around a machine and supplies. At home I can watch online classes and stop when I need to, snacks and drinks always available.
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I have also never taken a quilting class. I did once take a thread embroidery class using my dsm. My poor machine wasn't up to the task and that was embarrassing. I did enjoy the class even though I did not make new friends as I was too busy trying to get my machine to work.

I love youtube tutorials and would much rather spend $$ on fabric.
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