Uncomfortable at classes

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I have felt the same . Then carrying your machine and rest of supplies is getting to be impossible for me.

Craftsy is the way to go. A much less expensive class and you can see it anytime you want. Good sales on classes

all the time.
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I have seen that at classes also but I ignore it and learn what I can. I am pretty new to quilting and am slow and have
an older machine too. I learn best by watching and so I like that part of going to a class. Remember some of the
people that act superior are really covering feelings of inferiority or need attention.
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I agree as I no longer take classes some I would love but can no longer keep up and end up with nothing but another UFO. You are correct in saying quilting has changed as it is now a big money business. When I started patterns were free in the paper we used scissors and cardboard templates and it was fun fun even the quilt shows were very different and fun. People got together quilted,exchanged patterns and enjoyed the whole process now everything is how fast can I do this which to me is nothing more than computerized microwave quilting. I even use to teach classes in the fun days now if I want a class I go to you tube or craftsy and I still have a few friends where we can meet in homes for old fashioned fun
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A fact of my life:

In almost every situation - there are some that are "better" than I am - and there are some that are "worse" than I am.

I have finally reached a point in my life (I'm 76 now) where I do what I can - if I want to and/or need to - and what others do or have - is their business.

There are some things I think I am comparatively good at and that are comparatively easy for me. But I have had some years of opportunities to practice! And there are other things I have no clue about.

My thoughts on classes:

If an advanced person has signed up for an "easy" class - that person should let the instructor do the teaching. (Although some people do have the knack for asking a question that can help clarify a technique. But please let the instructor do the HST's his/her way while in the class!!!!)

It the class has been promoted as being "advanced/difficult/challenging" - then - while I would not actively discourage a novice from taking it - I would resent a novice holding the others back.

For most people, it makes sense to learn beginning algebra before taking a calculus III class.

I feel that way about sewing - at least know how to use your machine if the class is for anything other than "learn how to use your machine".

I do feel cranky about someone not being prepared for a class. Including the instructor.

I don't have that much extra money (or time, either, for that matter) to want to waste it on someone making excuses for why they don't have what they need with them.

Bottom line: If/When I sign up for a class - I want to learn whatever it is that I signed up for - and I'm hoping that the others in the class want to learn it, too.

I am sorry if I am sounding like a grouch about this - I do hope that everyone enjoys the classes they take - and I do know that almost everyone will forget an item or two or not have been able to get it for some reason or another.

But still - please don't show up half an hour later for class - and your reason was "Oh, I thought the class started at 3:00 PM instead of at 2:00 pm - and would you mind starting over at the beginning?"

Of course, "stuff" happens - flat tires, the baby throws up, the babysitter got sick, a fire, - but that is different from being "unprepared".

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I love Youtube videos. I've learned more from them than anywhere else. I also like Craftsy- have a few of them.
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I take lots of classes for a variety of reasons - learn new techniques, meet new people, share ideas, etc. I am however, a very quick learner LOL so am usually the first one to catch on to what the instructor is saying.

What I do with it is important (I'm not trying to make myself look better than others, just something that I have learned I am good at). I will watch what other people are doing and if I see someone struggling I will do one of two things: offer to help, or ask a question to slow the class down and get the instructor's attention.

I am an extrovert LOL but I have a number of friends who are introverts and are too shy / embarrassed / unsure about interrupting or asking for help, or feeling like they are inadequate. I use my "personal" style to try and make sure that everyone is following along at about the same pace. I would never try and make someone feel bad about being slower, or not understanding. I might be quick in the quilting classes, but stick me in a math class, and I'm at a total loss LOL

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and I feel that those who are particularly strong in something should help out those who are struggling. Who knows, that person that you just helped might have a strength where you have a weakness!
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This is an interesting thread for me to read. I am a weaver who just started quilting in the spring of 2017, so I am still on a pretty decent learning curve when it comes to quilting and for that matter, sewing. I had never enjoyed sewing until I picked up a couple of vintage sewing machines and discovered how fun they are. I started to quilt to use the machines and found I really enjoy it.

Back to the subject, I have not taken any quilting or sewing classes other than on Craftsy, yet I find it is interesting that the same behaviors go across all of the fiber arts. I have taken a lot of weaving classes and have run into the same issues, either unprepared equipment, someone taking a class that is either too hard or too easy for their skills, and the folks who just like to dominate the instructors time.

For my personal quilting journey, I have learned the most from the generosity of the quilters on this board. I am not yet familiar with the "big names" in quilting, so as of now I do not know of any classes that I would like to take. From what I have read here, I think that the friendly sewing get-togethers would be just right for me, but that type of thing will have to wait until I retire. I work 2nd shift, so I have not even been able to find a guild to play with because where I am, they meet weekday evenings, so that makes the quilting board my guild and teacher.
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Nobody can make you feel anything without your permission. I know that there are people in this world who like to flaunt mean vibes, insinuations, rude comments. Your best defense is to Not adopt! Nobody knows better than you what a wonderful person you are. It's your world, plant your happy trees!!

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I enjoy taking classes because I want to meet new people. The first thing I do is stick out my hand and say, "Hi, I'm ....." then ask a question. People love to talk about themselves and that is a good icebreaker. It always helps to wear a name tag. I have found that most of the ladies I've met don't take a really expensive machine to class. I take my Singer 301. It sews the same 1/4" as all the other machines. Relax, work at your own pace, do what you can do. It's all in the journey.
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I have a subscription to Block, Missouri Star. and I can follow her instructions along with the u tube tutorial, and at my own speed.
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