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Originally Posted by Tartan View Post
​If I want to learn a technique that is unique to the teacher, I will take the class. I don't really pay attention to others in the class but concentrate on my own goals.
Tartan, I am with you I enjoy taking classes with new techniques I would like to learn and concentrate on what I want to get out of the class. I pay very little attention to how far ahead or behind others are and what their equipment looks like. Don't get involved in the petty things going on around me.
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I love my guild, they made me feel so welcome, and they are so nice and I have a lovely time at each meeting and retreat. We have a class each month and can take it or not, we can sit and sew, if that's what we want to do. Some gals bring big fancy machines, some older machines, some smaller machines. (I take one of my 221s) I like taking a class to learn new methods, I do not get things done in a class as it takes me days just to pick out my fabric. but I do not worry about it as long as I am learning some thing, I'm good.
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The only sewing class I have attended was given at a local fabric shop many years ago, and I found there as not enough give and take. There was a severe “Do it my way” attitude, and no room for creativity. I am incapable of doing the exact same thing as everyone else. I guess that is what makes me a fabric artist not just a “quilt maker”. There is nothing wrong with being a “quilt maker” but that is not me. If I want exactly what someone else has, I can just pay for something mass produced. That is not, and never has been, my style. I can’t even buy a piece of furniture and use it in the “right” way. I always have to make it mine. I think that may be a feature of my OCD. I much prefer being able to watch a video and pausing as needed to make sure I understand what comes next. I have a real issue with having something exactly like anyone else. (I even wear shoes that have giant orange flowers on a black background, even though I have no orange clothes.) I can accept that people see me as strange, since they said the same things about Eleanor Peace Bailey, she is one of the most influential artists in my world. I liked her philosophy “create what makes you smile”. My whole world makes me smile most of the time. I can’t even hang curtains like everyone else, half of mine are mounted about 12” below the top of the window frame, effectively giving me “skylights” to make the room brighter.
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Originally Posted by Watson View Post
One thing that bugs me and maybe it shouldn't, is the people who come around and look over your shoulder to see what you're doing, or go through the work you've already done that's sitting on the table beside you. Maybe that's just me. Maybe no one else cares about that.

Hi Watson,

I am one of those who will walk around the room and see what others are doing. I need to stretch my legs at least once an hour. I would never touch another quilters work or tools. I may ask a question if the quilter does not look like s/he would mind. I have never done so with a critical eye. I often ask where they bought their fabric, if it is one I have not seen before.

I certainly have no intention of making any one uncomfortable. I will have to rethink this in the future.
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I just don't like youtube, the people either talk too fast or too much. I much prefer written patterns and tutorials. But I do have fun in classes, I too like to check out the machines of my classmates, one always brings this huge Bernina, I take my vintage Viking 6430 from the 70's -- I love that machine! I also have a backup machine -- just in case. I did buy a new Janome a couple of years ago, but it sits in its case. I love my vintage machines, most use the same bobbins and feet. I learn so much from classes from the instructors, but mostly from the other students. I have no problem working at my own pace -- it is not a race. However, I have encountered several individuals that are always running a race in everything they do. I prefer to enjoy the process.
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Hi, Tothill....like I said, maybe it's just me and everyone else is fine with it. Perhaps it is me who should loosen up and realize that people just want to visit.

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I walked into a local yarn store in a state far away. As a male in a yarn store, I am used to the "Are you looking for your wife?" look. At this particular shop, the "You are in the wrong place" attitude was practically shouted at me.
One of the ladies finally asked, "What project are you working on?' I said, "I don't knit." And three heads nodded (all knowing) Then I went into slam mode. "I spin, what roving do you have?" None. Yea, they can't knit without spinners.

Thankfully most aren't so rude. One shop across the street from the Mayo clinic even had a guys corner with chairs and magazines of interest to non -fiber guys.
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Originally Posted by madamekelly View Post
I am incapable of doing the exact same thing as everyone else.
You sound just like me! If someone tells me, "There are two ways of doing this...", my very first impulse is to figure out what the third way to do it is!

I usually enjoy classes and don't let a bad actor or two turn me off if I'm having fun otherwise. I've never experienced a truly bad teacher, but I have had some inexperienced teachers that I've seen make mistakes (like not keeping control of the class, or just being so nervous they mess up a lot). I'll give a teacher like that a second try, and have not regretted it in most cases.

I've never heard anybody shun or shame someone for having a 'cheap' machine. I've seen all sorts of machines in classes, but other than some excitement when someone brings in a Featherweight, most people pretty much ignore what their classmates have brought in.

My experiences might be skewed, though - most of the sewing classes I have taken are associated with the local guild, which is a group of very nice people. I think there is a "culture" of friendliness and helpfulness that has been cultivated in the group, so most of my classmates already know each other and are supportive of each others work. I've had a lot of very positive experiences with that group.
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I think it's okay (and polite) to adapt to "the herd mentality" while taking a class.

The instructor is attempting to convey an idea or technique to several people at one time. It seems to make sense to me to at least try it the instructor's way - for a while, anyway - after all, one paid money to do so.

Change it out or change it up after one gets home.

I do understand wanting to be individual - but - give the instructor a break!
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I didn't mean to imply I get too inventive during class. I'm all over the place, but in class I try to be a good citizen and follow along.

Besides, if I don't listen long enough to understand what the first and second way to do things are, I won't know where not to go for discovering my third option!
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