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Just so you have a little more information about the unlimited fruit thing. This is not exactly accurate. On the WW plan any food in an unlimited has a points value and we are told to not assume that any food even the healthy one are unlimited. Fruit not unlimited. After eating a certain amount of fruit, it begins to be counted as points toward your daily allowed points. I don't have time to search the WW web site for the exact amount of fruit you can have before it begins to count but I will ask at my next meeting and post it on this thread.
I went to my WW meeting yesterday and asked about the unlimited fruit concern mentioned by Wanabee Quiltin. If all you WW folks will look at the web site or at the initial information you were give, you will find that we are directed to follow the UADA food guidelines for fruit and veggies which is 5 - 9 servings per day. If an individual is diabetic they need to follow the directions of their physician as far as fruit, that has higher sugar content. Many, many WW folks are diabetic and their doctors recommend that they continue to follow the WW program because of its balance between all food groups and the life change vs dieting perspective.

In the end we all seek the way to lose and maintine our weight that works best for us. Weight Watchers works well for many folks and if it works for you then hang on and keep in touch with your doctor to make sure your over all health is good which applies to any diet or weight loss program.

Good luck to you all and may we all reach and maintain our goal !!