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Thread: What would you have done?

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    Super Member lovingmama's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
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    Went to Walmart to the fabric departm..Looked through the clearance section for christmas fabr.. Came across 3 different fabrics I liked, one of them was with Jungle babies, (Monkies, Giraffes etc.).

    This one was the most expensive, 2 D/per yard. Happy as can be, I'm going to the cutting table. She cuts the first two fabrics, no problem. I'm telling her that I would like to have 4 yards of the jungle print. 2 cuts 2 yards each.

    Now it's getting there

    After unrolling 2 yards she discovers that someone has cut it prior. So now she has a piece of 2 1/4 yards. She is telling me that she can't the 1/4 yard off.

    Hm, so I tell her to cut 2, 2 yard section from the remaining bolt. Not a problem.

    Looking at the prize I'm puzzled, it's the regular prize. I tell her that. She looks at the tag and says, that it must not been a clearance item then.

    Hm, it was laying on the clearance table, had also a clearance prize next to the marked out, regular prize. After pointing it out to her she gets aggravated.

    Here I mention that they may forgot to prize it down yet. No that wouldn't be possible. So she takes a marker and marks out the clearance prize and wants to sell it for me for the reg. prize.

    Not believing my eyes I'm staying calm and ask for a manager. Without blinking she tells me, that she is the depart. manager. Which I know she is not.

    Now I'm asking for the manager above her, well this one is not in the store at all today. Playing her game I ask for the store manager.

    So she walks around the corner to the camera departm. where I can hear her, loudly complaining. After 10 Min. she came back. Letting me know that he is on his way. I have to mention, that I haven't lost my temper, even though I was cooking.

    I'm waiting and waiting, after 30 Min. I see someone else with a Walmart badge walking around.

    I ask him nicely if he would be able to call the store manager for me to the fabric dep.. He looks around and ask someone else if he was able to cut fabric.

    Here I tell him I didn't need help with the cutting I had a different issue. Guess what he says next, "I'm the manager, but no one called for me". Honestly I did believe him.

    Calmly I tell him my story, all of it. He looks at the "Dep. manager" and asks for the 4 yards. She hands him the 2 yards, I reminded her, it's only 2. She insists it's 4.

    Nicely I ask if the manager, please would be so kind to check the yardage. Off course I was right.

    Now the judgement. The manager tells her to give me 4 yards for clearance prize and the already cut up piece for free.(Which he gave into my hands)

    The manager left, he was sorry, she never mentioned it. So now she cuts 2 yards for the regular prize, and hands it to me.
    Which made me upset, but I took it, now I just had enough.

    At the register I was still ticked, so I told the cashier. She was nice, I had checked out with her before. She shook her head and changed the prize from regular to clearance. I thanked her a lot.

    Usually I'm not someone who would insist on a prize, but this one was marked down and on the clearance table. Was it all worth it for me to be still somehow upset about, No.

    But I guess I was just fed up with her telling me all those lies. I don't know. Well either way, thanks for letting me vent.

    Walmart is not a bad place to shop, it's just the people sometimes that don't appreciate having a job at all.

    What would have been your response?

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    Super Member DebbieJJ's Avatar
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    Mar 2010
    north Alabama
    I think you did the right thing, but it's too bad she was so tacky about everything! I went to our wal-Mart today, and couldn't even find anybody to cut my fabric. I left after ringing the bell several times and waiting for about 10 minutes, leaving the bolt and other sewing things on the cutting table. Then I went to Quilter's Refuge (quilt shop) in Decatur and paid $3.00 a yd. for some clearance fabrics. The link for online buying is http://www.quiltersrefuge.com/cgi-bi...t=sale_5fabric

    I'm not associated with the Quilter's Refuge, just a satisfied customer.

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    Sep 2010
    North Texas
    Since from what I read it was marked down to the sale price and then she marked it up again I would have done the same thing. Just because the employees may have made an error when marking the fabric should not mean that you have to pay for it. Sounds like they need a new dept. mgr.


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    Senior Member Tcharlie's Avatar
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    May 2010
    Some people enjoy the power trip they have on customers and the rush they have over not putting the customer first!

    I hope you got her name, I would send a letter to the store manager thanking him for his help and name the employee that was giving you the trouble and send a copy to the Wal-mart home office under customer relations. Make sure you tell how the store manager treated you with respect.


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    Feb 2010
    Glad everything worked out for you. It is frustrating when people don't appreciate the people who keep them employed.

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    YOu were so much more patient than I would have been. I would have left it all and filed a written complaint, took picture with my cell phone of the clearnace markings and send it in with her name. Now that I said that, I really would have walked away and forgot it. Not worth my time getting mad. Unfortunatly,customer service as I have know it from the last 40 yrs has gone to pot. No one cares, there's too many places to shop. Sounds like she was playing a power game. I think you did a great job and am glad the other clerk gave you the clearance. Works every time. LOL One postive empolyee knocks the other bad one off the scoreboard. Customer wins. COngrats

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    Super Member AgapeStitches's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
    Gastonia, NC
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    My kettle would have boiled over!! Then I still would have gotten the price it was advertized for. Lucky for me didn't have that problem when my WM had fabric...my cutter was sister to a close friend (I always went when I knew she was working).

    YOU on the other hand did a great job of not losing your temper, mine has a slippery handle sometimes.

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    Community Manager PatriceJ's Avatar
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    this is a good example of the proper way to handle a situation like this.

    calm, cool, collected, firm and factual.

    she went to management so they could fix it.


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