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Thread: Windows XP support ends April 8, 2014

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stitchit123 View Post
    Through the years I have had at least a half dozen different Windows. So far the XP has been the best one for me. It was the easiest to learn and navigate and it loaded info before I released the mouse clicker. But these last 3 weeks it has been frustrating as heck. 20 to 30 minutes to be able to open any mail after turning it on in the morning. - it feels like dial-up would be faster. And my son the computer wizard has moved back to Ohio so I have no idea how to reprogram to the next best windows program and keep all the old programs-bookmarks and files etc etc . Now what do I do ? And how do I do it ? I have not found that ''new and improved'' is always an ''improvement''
    Your computer may be slowing down because you don't clean the cache. Download the free program 'crapcleaner' from Piriform.com and run that. You will be amazed how many mb's or maybe gb's it will delete of your old browses and trash in the recycle bin. I guess there are other/better cleaners, but I like this one----and it's free. Also, what browser are you using? Firefox is far superior to IE, in MHO

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    I love my XP. It is very very slow like me. Will find it hard to replace when the time comes.
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    The new software is not that difficult. You lady can do it! Just don't give up and keep working with it. You are more tech savvy than you think.

    Remember, people will see your quilts long after you are gone....NOT your housework!

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    I have been on computers since before they became a household idem (I use to write my own programs for my work) and yes I still like the XP better then all the windows programs since then. I use the free program "CCleaner" to keep mine running almost like new. There are a lot of free programs out there that will help you keep it clean and running well. Maybe not as fast as the newer computers but better then then being forced to buy something you don't want.

    The only problem with keeping the XP that I see coming up is that most all websites will be forced to update their sites to accommodate the newer systems and not keep the programs that use XP so that will leave us XP people left out of the picture because they won't support our version of windows any longer. It will take some time for them to do this but believe me, it is coming. Just as it has in the past.

    I will personally keep my XP because like some have mentioned, my programs are not supported on the newer machines and a lot of money was spent on them. I don't have the money to invest in new programs either. I have several programs that cost as much as $2,000 (no that's not a typing error) and I would much rather invest that money in sewing or quilting then buying the updated versions of those programs.

    So I would suggest to anyone that has the XP comtuer to have someone that is NOT related to a store look at it and try cleaning it up. At least you will still be able to run your old programs. You may have to buy a cheaper computer to get around on the net and that might be ok for some. But you can always down load stuff on the newer one and transfer it to the XP and work on that when you are not on the net. That's my plan, because I still think XP is the best one out there.

    oh yea, in case you are wandering, I do have a Windows7 but I hate it and I have tried putting my programs on it and they just don't work right. It is a pain in the butt to access the computer the way I like to, which is more in depth them most people do. They try to hide the files from you and only let you access what they want and that is a bust for me. Yes I could spend tons of time learning their newer way of getting to the files but I rather spend that time doing something constructive and not re-inventing the wheel sort of speak.

    Ok I'm off the podium.

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    Wish they wouldn't stop the support on the old versons. I loved XP but bought a new laptop with Vista, and love it, too. Some of my more "mature" friends have 7 & 8 and dislike both of them. I keep hoping they'll come out with a more user friendly version, but doubt it.

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    I heard somewhere that some shop was telling people they could have w7 instead of w8 because so many people hated w8. I have it aand am able to use it ok. I think a lot of people would like to see w7 stay, lol...I like vista, that is what I use most. I also have wxp that I use for old programs. I will try to keep it up and going for that reason. Sorry Girls but instead of getting better I think it will only get worse. I just try to keep up so I can keep an updated PC
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    Don't panic! Remember, the bottom line is that salesmen SELL things, and that includes new operating systems. Read this from a newsletter I get from a Canadian guy (http://[email protected]) who has saved my bacon several times with his profound computer savvy, and save your panic for something that deserves it - like the state of our country (or what used to be our country). Helmut has a unique way of cutting through the rumors and emotions to get to the essence of things. Following is a quote from today's newsletter (all credit to Helmut):

    Tech Support Pits
    From: Darla
    Re: XP fearmongering

    Dear Webby,
    I wrote to you back in January regarding the no support issue for XP after April 8th. Iíve been reading more info and getting more confused. I have a couple of questions to ask you because I donít want to have to buy a new computer right now.

    If I keep my old computer with XP & continue to use Internet Explorer & Outlook Express (Also use Kasperksy), will I be ok from Hackers, etc? Or would I be any safer using Chrome as my default browser while still using Outlook Express?

    A employee at a "store" that sells computers said I could keep XP and change to Chrome and still be able to use
    Outlook Express for my mail.

    Thank you so much for your time, Darla.

    Dear Darla -
    Your XP with Kasperski and IE and Outlook Express will continue to function as usual. Just because you are cute
    and sexy, that does not mean the hackers will stop trying to break into banks and government, and suddenly focus
    on you.

    Keep in mind that industry and commerce uses 55% Linux and 45% XP. The ones that use XP all have a Linux "Live CD' in a drawer and can switch to Linux in minutes. All the store POS (Point Of Sale) machines run fine on Linux, but nobody in their right mind would try to run them on W7. For W7 and W8, they would have to replace the machines.

    While that would delight Microsoft and their Asian computer manufacturing businesses, industry and commerce does not consider that a justifiable business expense, not when everything runs just fine on XP or Linux.

    Any hostile action by Microsoft against XP users will just drive Industry and Commerce to Linux. So, don't panic
    about the sales hype.

    Outlook Express is on Death Row. It would probably be a good idea to start getting used to an email program that is viable. I still use Eudora, and have since 1993. The modern version of it, using the source code of it, is Thunderbird. I have never heard anything bad about it. You might want to look at Thunderbird and get familiar with it.

    The major difference between Eudora and Thunderbird is that Thunderbird has a Linux version. That way, if you some day have to replace your XP when it dies of old age, and you get fed up with W8 and switch to Linux, you are already comfortable with the email program.

    The same goes for browsers. FireFox is the same on Windows and Linux.

    Have FUN!

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