Wish I had asked Mum

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Does any one else have any questions that they wish they had asked their Mother before it was too late. Both my parents have long since passed and I still think about things that Mum used to say. A couple that really stand out are: Why did you tell me I always had to wash my hair immediately after a haircut because "hair bleeds". And why is the name on my birth certificate ""Patricia" when I have never been called anything but "Suzie" my whole life? No idea why I never asked these questions when I still had the chance
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Reminds me of my Girl Friend she wanted to name her son Lucus her DH wanted Brett so for the first 4 years he was Lucus when he started school he started using Brett his Grandmother called him "The Boy" He had to be one confused little guy! His name is Brett Lucus~~
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I asked my mother questions. She had no answers. Seriously, she had no answers. I've sort of made a point to answer all my son's questions as they arise, to the best of my ability. Some times it awkward, but I will always answer his questions.
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Every day for the last 9 years I've thought of something to ask. I remember alot but, there are times I think "Oh, I'll ask Mom" then remember I can't. Then, I realize there is no one to ask now. My Dad passed not to long after Mom. My aunt just last year. I don't like being the grown up, the one everyone asks things.....I want to go back to being the kid.
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My problem now is I say "I have to remember to tell Mom that" and then I realize she has been gone for years. Guess I am still talking to her.
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I wish I had asked my Mom more things when she was here. sigh.
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Sometimes something happens and I have to wonder what her thoughts would be on it.
Not that I always listened, when she was here, but could see her point of view many times, and took in consideration of the opinion.

Wish had her write down in her writing more of the family recipies, would be a cool cook book or wallhanging with useful info. Still am startled when I run across somthing that she signed :)
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Think I'll give my mom a call. :oops:
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Me too. Good idea about her recipes too. ALthough I can cook them all. LOL. I see my mom alot but she can't remember newer things but she is great with older things. Good post.
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This takes me back in thoughts as my parents were married 72 years ago today!! Mom has been gone almost five decades (48 yrs.) and Dad for only a decade. Yes, I wish I had asked more questions and could talk to them about about their parents and grandparents. I am the oldest living member of my paternal family.

Now, I am attempting to transcribe some recipes from the paternal grandmother of my children. My oldest son has some of his recipes on Google documents using spreadsheets. He has suggested I put my version of the recipe at the beginning and then place comments about the grandparent's recipe at the bottom. It's a way to communicate with my children and share their common history......

This is an excellent post. Thank you!
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