Wish I had asked Mum

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I tried asking my mother about our family history but, sadly, never did manage to get any answers.
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Originally Posted by franie
My problem now is I say "I have to remember to tell Mom that" and then I realize she has been gone for years. Guess I am still talking to her.
I hear ya Franie! My thought is oh "I'll go call Mom and ask her."..she's been gone since 1999. My parents have long since passed away and my aunt(Dad' sister) just 3 months ago. My Dad died in 1993.
Its odd to think that I am the oldest in my birth family now. Only 4 of us left now, my oldest brother is gone 3 yrs.
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Originally Posted by franie
My problem now is I say "I have to remember to tell Mom that" and then I realize she has been gone for years. Guess I am still talking to her.
Me 2 Franie. My mom and I used to watch Matlock and Murder She Wrote together or at the same time in our respective homes. We had a contest to see who would call first to remind the other one that it was coming on. Everytime a rerun comes on I reach for the phone to tell her that it's on--then I remember she's gone.
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Originally Posted by Craftygirl
Does any one else have any questions that they wish they had asked their Mother before it was too late. Both my parents have long since passed and I still think about things that Mum used to say. A couple that really stand out are: Why did you tell me I always had to wash my hair immediately after a haircut because "hair bleeds". And why is the name on my birth certificate ""Patricia" when I have never been called anything but "Suzie" my whole life? No idea why I never asked these questions when I still had the chance
The hair - after I get my hair cut I always go home and wash it. Why? Because the 'cuts' that drop off the remaining hair make me itch! And one time - only once, thank God, a tiny sliver of cut hair fell into my eye! That HURT! At times like that a few seconds seem like an eternity!

And there is the possibility that in our parents time people got lice after having their hair cut.

So, in my opinion, washing your hair after getting it cut is a great idea.
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my mom passed 18-yrs ago and it seems like yesterday.
I still walk through a mall and see a top and think I will buy that; it's my mom...nope she's not there anymore.
I did take the time to have her crochet special things for me because I knew she was not going to last and I wanted some visual memories. No one could cook like my mom...no matter how I try to duplicate her cooking...it's not my mom's.
I did spend time writing down the family receipes that she had in memory and had to figure what a pinch equaled and so on and for the most part they taste good. Christmas gets me every year...she was Christmas to me.
My aunt tells me funny stories about her.
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My mom taught me how to quilt but my sister wasn't interested at the time. We lost my mom in 2003. Saturday my sister came over to get help with a quilt she had started. We worked from 8AM until 2:30AM with a couple of stops for meals. When she left Sunday morning she thanked me for teaching her so much. Everything she learned was all from Mom because she is with me every time I sew. We didn't plan it this way but Saturday was mom's birthday. Some things are just meant to be.
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My Mom passed away almost 4 years ago. There are so many things I wished I had asked and wrote down answers to. I used to think if I didn't ask her, then she couldn't leave me. Silly, huh. I lost my Dad to cancer at 13 and was always afraid of losing my Mom.

So many times I want to call her and tell her what the babies did or show her something I had made. She was my best friend in the world.
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Originally Posted by franie
My problem now is I say "I have to remember to tell Mom that" and then I realize she has been gone for years. Guess I am still talking to her.
I know where your coming from... only mine was my dad... Dad and I would always tell each other jokes we had heard during times when we were apart.. after dad passed it was difficult for me to hear a joke and not think "Now I have to remember that to tell dad when I see him" just to realize that dad is no longer here..:(
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I was reading this post and all your fond memories of your moms I want those with my mom. Her and I are going out this week shopping something we havent done in years. Shes been sick for about the last 2 years and doesnt have much energy, generally she'll say shes to tired but for some reason when I mentioned it on sunday she jumped on the invitation. I'm glad she did. My mother sewed all the time when I was a little girl, made my cloths, costumes, and altered my wedding dress. Her sewing room has now become a storage room for jigsaw puzzles. I guess where I'm going with all of this is that I dont want to be the one who says I wish I had spent more time with my parents. After reading your wonderful stories I want to spend even more time with both of them. My brother was killed in 07 and now its just me mom and dad. My brother and I didnt see eye to eye for years, but the last 5 or 6 years of his life we started to get closer. For awhile I was afraid to get close to anyone afraid that they would die, childish I know. Anyway thank you ladies for your wonderful stories.
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Miss my Mom too. She's been gone 20 years already. Sometimes it feels like just yesterday and other times I still want to call her and share with her. She missed so much of my life and all I have done and been through. I'd love to be able to sew with her and show her the quilts I've made and share my dreams.

Same with my Dad. I wish my Dad could have met my husband. (Dad has been gone for 31 years).They would have hit it off and been great friends.

As for asking them questions - lots of them. Ones I won't be able to answer if my kids ever ask me. Family stuff.
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