Wish I had asked Mum

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the one i wish i would have paid more attention to was my grandfather who lived with us had great stories about the depression and he was a retired FBI agent there was some great stories! but did i listen NO i was a silly little girl then a teenager who thought my life was more important i realize now how stupid i was!
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My mother is 91 and still embroidering and still living alone. I call her regularly just to let her talk.
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I never dreamed my father would die two days after I saw him. I said "See you later, Dad." I wish I had told him I loved him. He knew I did, but I wish I had told him. Edie
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Since I am old :hunf: NO...... NOT MUCH, and some questions come to my mind I did not ask because they understand questions now someway different than before So :roll: I keep be quite .
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It is not so much my mom that I miss, it is my Granny who I dearly miss. She would sit and talk for hours, make her homemade bread, which she kind of wrote down and I tried making but to no avail.
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For years I asked my mom questions about family and she wouldn't tell me much. Then just before she passed, she told me a lot of things that I would have been better off not knowing as they just caused me heartache. After she told me these things, she refused to discuss them, so I still don't have any answers, just more questions without answers. I don't know that I will ever get over some of the things that she told me. Sometimes, not knowing every thing is better.
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My mom has been gone for 6 years and I still think of her nearly everyday and miss her terribly. Friends of mine who complain about their mom's 'bugging' them with sensless phone calls, etc make me insane. I tell them, you will miss her when she's gone - more than you could ever know. As for questions....absolutely. I'd like to know more about our family tree, there are recipies I wish I would have gotten. But most of all, I wish I could just call her up and share the latest news. She was always so excited for anyhting going on in my life. Her optimism was increadible and her enthusiasm contagious. She was the best.
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Reading these makes me wish I had had a Mom or Grandmother like all of you. But it looks like you all know how lucky you were.
The ones I miss are my first in-laws. I wish I had stayed in closer contact. But I never knew they still thought of me as their daughter. Mom died a few years back and Dad just this year in a car accident. I wish I had told them how much I loved them and how much they influenced my life but I stayed out of their lives in respect for their new DIL. I do miss them a lot.
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I took my mother out for her birthday yesterday. She uses a cane, has back problems, leg problems, hip problems, but she is as smart as a tack and totally with it! She turned 94 on the 17th of October, born 1916. We had our ups and downs during my growing up years and even into my married years, but through everything, I learned from her. I learned the good stuff and I learned the bad stuff. Mom is a treasure to me now after I became a grandmother. Funny how they can still teach you stuff after you thought you learned everything and started forgetting it. Up pops Mom with something that I never knew - maybe it is Jeopardy (she never misses it).

Happy Birthday, Mom, many, many more and I love you. Edie

PS - I said Happy Birthday, Mom, and many, many more and I love you to her yesterday. She said "Not too many."
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I wish I had taken a tape recorder to my parents home before they died and said"Tell me your earliest memories and anything you can remember about your lives since" Dad was born in 1906 and mom in 1910..wow ! what they could have told me about life in such different times !
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