working in a retail store

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Many, many years ago I worked at Macy's in the children's department. I was shocked how many parents just left the tried on clothing on the floor in a heap after their child tried them on. I can only imagine how their bedrooms and closets looked at home!! Yikes!
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I worked at May Co for years, there was a lot of cleaning involved, I will always remember and to this day, I always remove my unwanted items and return them back to the rack where I got them from.
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My mother and I shopped at a department clearance store, and one day we went to try stuff on, and I swear to you, the discarded clothing on the floor (after the hooks on the walls had filled up) in each dressing room stall was knee deep! There was barely enough room to stand! We cleaned up every single one, we were so disgusted. I mean, COME ON people!

As for getting a drink and then paying for it on the way out the door, how is this stealing any more than putting the boxes of crackers/chips/etc in your basket and then paying for them? It's not stealing until you leave the store with the item you haven't paid for.

Now, if you buy a bunch of grapes or whatever that are priced by the pound and then snack on them as you shop, don't do this - this IS stealing unless they have already been weighed and ticketed so you know you are paying full price for them.

I swear, people are just flat lazy sometimes. Retail workers were NOT put on this earth to pick up after you or take your verbal abuse just because you had a bad day. How about we come to your job and harass you so you have to stay an hour after the office closes just to finish your work?
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