working in a retail store

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Default working in a retail store

I would like to share an observation / conclusion I have develped while working in a retail store.

if the employees didn't have to spend so much time cleaning up after customers, we would have more time to help the customers.

on the flip side, heres a collective thank you for being so nice and considerate over Thanksgiving least at my store.

Merry Christmas to everyone.
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I have always demanded my kids put items back in the right place in a store when shopping. It shows a lack of class to pick up something in the store and then just toss it back unfolded or unhung or sit it in the wrong place half way across the store no matter what store it is. Leaving clothing in the floor of the dressing room or half way hung any old way after tying them on is trashy in my opinion. People working in retail are earning a living and should be respected just as much as you want them to respect you as a customer.
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Very true. I have picked up after people also. And some very nice looking well dressed women also. But I did wind up leaving a buggy full once. But there were so many people and it got loud. My claustrophobia kicked in and I had to get out. Felt bad about it, but what can you do.
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What my son loves is when someone leaves their half finished coffee on a shelf.(sarcasm) the person who straightens the shelf of course doesn't see it until they knock it over......
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I used to work in retail so I know exactly what you mean. It's really hard now for me to see someone put something where it doesn't belong after deciding they no longer want the item.

Thank you to all those who "served" (customer service) in any way. It's certainly not for the faint of heart!
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I know exactly what you mean I can't tell you how many times people have asked if I worked in the store because I will straightened out shelves or return items to the department that they belong in. I can't tell you how much rearranging I have done in fabric stores because it is just easier to find what I am looking for or it just looks so much nicer, I have even been offered a job, I always say that wouldn't work for me to see the people that make the messes would cause me to ask why they do it! Probably wouldn't have a job very long.
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I think people tend to be courteous but I do have a problem with some retail stores who make t difficult to find the prices on their items. Hancock Fabrics here in our town has a way of folding the fabric over the end of the bolt so a customer can't see the price or the maker of the fabric. Takes time to unfold the end to see and then put it back like it was......could save all some time if the end was left to view.
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I worked a couple years at Walmart. I was considered a cashier but we "zoned" (cleaned/straightened up) other areas also. I catch myself doing that every where I go. DH says you don't work here then picks up what I may have missed. He was shopping for a shirt and I picked one exactly what he needed off the floor. When items fall or get damaged that just increases prices. ANd the bold and brazen acts some mothers do in the infant/children's section are horrible. I saw one woman use a baby washcloth out of a package of a few and wipe her child's nose with it. When the clerk said she would have to pay for it, she threw a fit. They called the manager and she and her brood were escorted out the store. One clerk recently at WAlmart said I should fill out an application. Told her no thank you.
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yes, usually if I try on clothing I take the ones I am not going to purchase back out and to the racks where they belong. I walk right by the racks, so why not help out?
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I NEVER leave things in a place other than I found them, BUT
I have given up folding clothing articles on a shelf the way they were folded when I found them. I know retail workers have to come over and refold them, I really do. It got to the point that I was unfolding another to figure out how it was folded and I realized that just leaving them 'looking neat' was the best I could do. Sometimes I have to unfold several sizes too.

I remember a couple of weeks ago first, trying to figure out the hanger thing on a pair of slippers so I could try them on (yes, I used those footie things) and then laying them on the floor in frustration because I just couldn't figure out how to put them back together.

Please know, some of us do the best we can, we really don't mean to cause you more work. Really.
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