working in a retail store

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One vacation DH and I went up north. We took the 2 oldest DGDs out for breakfast and shopping clothes. Did not realize til we got to the restaurant the oldest one had a cold. I always had a stash of tissues. Well we ran out. We went to the SuperWalmart and was shopping for shoes and that's when the oldest started sneezing and just having awful fits. YES! I'm guilty of opening a big box of tissues and gave her a couple. I also got a bag Ziplocs. She stuffed the used tissues into a Ziploc and we paid for everything, I first explained the situation to an assistant manager and got his ok. Then we headed over to the pharmacy and got some meds her mother had called in for her. To this day both girls carry tissues and ziplocs in their car to dispose of later. What I hate the most is when someone decides at the last minute they don't want the icecream or any other dairy product. When I see things like that at the checkout, I give it to the cashier, so he/she can get it returned to the section it belongs.
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I worked retail for about 15 years and don't envy anyone still working there. Truely one the the most thankless jobs. There are more nasty people out there then good ones. Being retired, I would like to have a parttime job, but absolutely refuse to work in the retail business anymore. I retired from an office job, had been out of retail for about 10 years then. And it is so true that employees spend so much time cleaning up after customers.
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And please let's not talk about the restroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! people do not have any shame
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Originally Posted by nise View Post
And please let's not talk about the restroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! people do not have any shame
I'm sure if the walls could talk.........
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Originally Posted by nise View Post
And please let's not talk about the restroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! people do not have any shame

Yep, one day I went in a stall that someone had stuck a dirty diaper to the wall above the toilet. Women can be really nasty! Of course I immediately went to the next clean one.

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My husband owned a 7-11 next to a major college campus...oh the things those "kids" said and did would curl your hair! Gals and guys alike! They go in to buy beer and eat a bag of chips and drink one or twotill they get near the register then put the bags and emptys on a shelf, pay for a six pack and leave. Some of the bribes that were tossed out to sell beer after hours..whew. Nope...couldn't do retail again!
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As I work for Hancock Fabrics - I have a response for you - the only fabrics that should be "draped" are the fashion fabrics. As much as it is easier for us employees to not drape fabric (it certainly takes more time to put away), people really want to see more than just a couple of inches of this type of fabric, thus the drape.

The cottons should be organized so you can see the information easily on the top of the bolt. Selvedge edges should be on the bottom, the fold of the fabric on the top.

Does that make more sense?

Originally Posted by sewmini View Post
I think people tend to be courteous but I do have a problem with some retail stores who make t difficult to find the prices on their items. Hancock Fabrics here in our town has a way of folding the fabric over the end of the bolt so a customer can't see the price or the maker of the fabric. Takes time to unfold the end to see and then put it back like it was......could save all some time if the end was left to view.
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I believe once you work retail, you certainly have a different perspective/respect for stores. As I never promoted letting our daughters just "ditch" items in a store, if I couldn't find where they went, I would give the item to a clerk. It's amazing how many things you find all over a store in places where they do not go, also the empty packages you find which means the item has been stolen.
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It makes you wonder what some people's homes look like, doesn't it?
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Interesting posts - as I work at Joanns!
"Can you cut this dirty piece off"...... it's there because customers just leave or knock fabric over, and those that follow walk or push carts over it. *Fabric and trims and not meant to be used as teeth chews. *Each color of tulle feels the same as the others, no need to unwind and then bunch is up back in the corner. *Merchandise isles are not meant to be hide'n seek gyms to entertain your children while you are shopping. *Store ladders are not meant for guests to use; please ask for help. *Before arguing about a price, please read the signs carefully. *As employees, we do as we are told, please take that into consideration before complaining to us about policies

Thanks for letting me vent. phew - (I've got your back 'girlsfour'!)
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