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My husband bought me a Bernina 530 for Christmas. This was a gift that he bought without any hints or requests from me. In fact, it was the furtherest request on my Santa list. Now don't get me wrong, I am deeply grateful and excited, but am feeling alittle overwhelmed by it all. Have tried to thread it and use the auto thread and am even having trouble with that part. Even though I will be taking classes, I am afraid that he has given me a machine that will be difficult to use. I have been using a Viking that was bought in the 1970's. I quilt constantly and thoroughly enjoy the many steps. For those that have this machine or others in the Bernina family, how do you like it? What don't you like about it? I'm hoping that after taking classes, I can resume my enthusiasm but right now I totally feel overwhelmed/dumb/frustrated. Please, please, don't thinK I am ungrateful. I know that money is hard to come by so his generosity is deeply appreciated.
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I am still sewing on a Bernina 1230 that I bought 20 years ago...it is the best thing I ever bought...you will learn to use the machine and hopefully come to love it as much as I bought mine. Your husband must have thought it was time for you to get a newer machine than the one you have that is about 40 years old. It might be overwhelming now, but once you take your lessons, I am sure you will be thrilled with your Christmas gift!
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What a great guy! Chill out until you have your first class. Experience has taught me that the folks at my Bernina shop are so helpful. And I'm sure yours will be the same. Did you get a manual with your machine? It should show you the threading pattern. The auto thread was a learning curve for me, too. When you hold the lever down to actually thread the needle, I have found that if I pull the thread as the thingy is forcing the thread thru the hole in the needle, it works every time. Don't let it release until you have a hold of the thread. I have the 440 QE so I'm not familiar with the 530 but I'm sure the threader is the same.Your Bernina dealer will help you thru this and you will in no time be a Bernina fanatic as I am. It's the Harley (Davidson) of sewing machines, in my book. Funny story, in our quilt group I would periodically refer to my machine as my Harley. One of my sewing pals looked at me one day and said "You know I've searched and searched online and cannot find a Harley sewing machine. Where did you find yours?" Obviously her husband did not own a Harley. ha
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Too bad you husband didn't include you in the buying decision! But once you get used to it, I think you will like it better. I have a Bernina 430, which I bought to replace a Viking Sapphire that was giving me fits whenever I tried to free motion with it.

The hardest thing for me to get used to is the bobbin - I am very used to drop in bobbins, so I have to look in the manual whenever I change the bobbin. I'm not a frequent user so that's really me, not the machine. I will say that the Bernina runs smoother and free motions like a dream come true.

I've also had trouble with the needle threader...but I never had the lessons on my machine.

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Just take your time and learn alitte at a time. You will learn it don't stress out. You will get it just take a breath and take your time you will grow into it.
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I have a Bernina 450 and love it. I've had it for three years and have never had a problem with it. I keep it cleaned and oiled and it has sewn a consistent straight and even stitich from the moment it came out of the box. I also bought the Stitch Regulator (BSR) and have to say I'm less excited about that. I think with a little practice I could FMQ just as well without it. As others have said - take your time - you are feeling overwhelmed right now but with time I bet you will call this your favorite machine!
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what a sweet hubby! bernina's are wonderful machines--i think once you have some classes under your belt you will LOVE it! now, having said that...i love my viking tribute just as much <g>.

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I have a Bernina and I love it. I have had just about every make of machine there is, still have a few, but my Bernina is by far my favorite. I have the BSR also, and I love it too. I have tried FM quilting without it, forget that! Read your manuel, take your classes, and then decide. I think you will fall in love all over again.
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What a great hubby!!! You will love it after you have your lessons. I have had a Bernina for years and it is the BEST! The 530 has some great reviews, so I know you won't be disappointed once you learn how to use it. Have fun and let Hubby know we think he is Top Dog.
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I have a Bernina 630 built in 1964. I love her- except for how heavy she is. She does not go in reverse any longer, but I still use her.
A dream I have is to have a NEW Bernina- but then I want to travel to the moon tooo. I don't believe either will come true.
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