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Drowning in projects

Drowning in projects

Old 12-08-2010, 04:32 AM
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Originally Posted by ncsewer
Some LQS have UFO night and you go and finish up something that's been haning around. Most even provide assistance if something has you stuck. You could also invite a quilting friend over. Even if all they do is keep you company, clip threads or press seams the time goes so much quicker. Another day you can go and help them with theirs. I'd volunteer but it's a heck of a drive!
You're welcome anytime! :D I have no space but we'll make some...
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Originally Posted by k3n
Originally Posted by amma
I have many UFOs and WIPs :D I like being able to work on them or start new projects... what ever I feel like at the time.
I don't worry about it, I love what I am doing and will continue until I am unable to anymore :D:D:D
THIS! Don't stress - invent a good storage system and above all DON'T call things 'UFOs' but only 'WIPs' - i think it's psychologically more likely that they WILL get done if I do that - even if it's one day many years from now by my daughter or a lucky bargain hunter in the local charity shop after I'm gone! :mrgreen:

Could be worse, you could be one of those strange and dreadfully self-controlled creatures - A SERIAL QUILTER!!! :shock: :lol:
lolol! What was that again, self-control?

I'm pretty sure I'm not aiming for a "one project at a time" policy, I do love rediscovering things I've set aside for a while,w tih fresh ideas and new ideas... It's just too blooming many at the moment. For me, I mean. One thing I'm learning from this thread is, everyone kind of has their sweet spot with how many projects are a good thing, and I'm still in the process of finding mine.
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one thing that has helped me with this dilemma ~ One day I sat with a White Board and actually make a list of unfinished projects and Definite Future Projects (i.e., "quilt for niece's birthday," vs "try this new pattern" - I have a notebook for those.). I've hung the white board on my wall. It's made a huge impact in the number of anxious thoughts that crash about in my brain, and helped me to Feel organized. Also has helped quell some of my impulsive quilting Starts because if I start something then I must add it to the list. Bonus Moment: it feels So Good to cross them off.
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I TRY to have only one project going at a time because I can't stand UFO's. But my brain is always working on the next one. I do have a couple started and put away because I had some sort of problem and decided to "Sleep" on it. Then I can't get back to it. Hate them!!!!
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Old 12-08-2010, 05:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Marmie
Originally Posted by dar627742
hi,watched "hoarders" last night,& waS THINKING HOW GREAT IT WOULD BE TO HAVE A proffessional come in to organize everything! the only problem is, the last time [mo.or so ago]i still can't find everything,& I"M the one who did it !!
Been there done that.LOL :lol:
same here !!!! :oops:
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I would be afraid to count all the projects I have started. I have been trying so hard not to start anything new until I get them finished but I look at my fabric stash and think I need to cut out this quilt or that quilt and I do it. My husband will have a big fire if I die before he does.
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I put my unfinished projects I can't see under my bed in storage containers or places I can't see them - otherwise I wouldn't be able to think and like you, my creative energy is blocked. I actually put a box in the trunck of my car for a while. I finally donated everything I abandoned (even my learning projects unfinished because someone wanted them) and now am committeed to only using a certain amount of shelve space for fabric and projects and I am not buying one more thing until I have room on that shelf. Total spending freeze right now :-)
Originally Posted by salmonsweet
Help... Been quilting for a year, finished 3, started 30.... :shock: :mrgreen:

Good: I love all the stuff I've been making so far and the exploration that comes with each one.

Bad: I'm running out of storage space in my home...

Ugly: Can't open a cupboard without a project tumbling into my arms. It's seriously interfering with my concentration, not to mention with my flow of ideas to start even more new ones.... :lol: :cry:


So I donated a bunch of blocks to my quilting guild for a charity sew-in. It was a relief, but most of my projects are and will remain MINE!!!! :evil:

Now I've decided to finish 3 before I start even one more. If this feel good, then I may decide finish another 3 before I start another one. And so on, until I can breathe again. Someday.... Grumble.

(No thank you, I'm not giving them away. :-P But I'd love support, suggestions, stories about your project stack, pile or mountain... And thanks for reading. I feel a bit better already.)
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I have other hobbies such as rug hooking and weaving so you can imagine the UFO's. Quilting is not about the finished product but the enjoyment you have while doing it. Although it does feel good to get one done once in a while!
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I usually have two projects going - one is the actual making of the top and the other is the handquilting of the last top one I made. That way, when I get bored or sore hunched over the machine, I sit and hand quilt to relax. And vice versa when my fingers get too many (bloody) holes in them. So far this has worked for me.
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How different everyone is! I like it. I learn a lot from reading all the responses.

Yolanda - Yes I can so relate, keeping stuff out of sight feels good! And I've stopped buying fabric, too! The main reason my home got overrun by projects was that all the available space was getting filled with fabrics. I'll need to make lots of quilts before I can fit my projects in with the fabrics again. Unless I throw away all my clothes. Now there's an idea.... :mrgreen:

Sewtinker: Whiteboard, cool idea! I definitely need either a list or a physical place where all my projects can queue up and wait for their turn.
Crossing tasks off lists is fun, isn't it. I keep work lists on my computer and when I complete a step, I overwrite it with something like "Ta Da!!!" or ":):):)" or "Celebrate!" and leave it for a bit, to remind me what the whole point of the list was.
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